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Un livre pour stimuler l’innovation dans la finance à Genève

Pour la première fois en Suisse, un livre est publié sur le thème de la finance durable et ses innovations. Si des recherches académiques ou statistiques ont déjà été menées sur ce sujet, aucun ouvrage n’a, à ce jour, mis en avant le potentiel d'entrepreneuriat et d’innovation de ce secteur, en particulier pour la région de Genève.

A book to stimulate finance innovation in Geneva

For the first time in Switzerland, a book puts the spotlight on sustainable finance and its innovations. While academic and statistical research has looked into the topic, no book to date had focused on this industry’s entrepreneurial and innovative potential, particularly in the Geneva area.

Lundi 15 septembre 2014, Cité du Temps, Genève: Let’s celebrate SFG 5th birthday

Il y a cinq ans une vingtaine de professionnels de la finance durable unissaient leurs forces pour créer SFG. Liberté de parole et d’action, volonté de stimuler l’innovation et l’entreprenariat, de multiplier les échanges, tels étaient les premiers ingrédients qui ont fait la recette du succès de SFG.

Au terme de cinq années d’activités nous souhaitons prendre le temps de remercier tous nos membres, partenaires et amis, acteurs de l’écosystème genevois.

The new platform ”Swiss Sustainable Finance” promotes sustainability in the Swiss financial centre

Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) aims to promote Switzerland as the leading centre for sustainable finance. More than 60 organisations – financial service providers, investors, research organisations, public sector entities and others – have joined forces to foster social and environmental aspects in investment and financing solutions. This will create opportunities while strengthening the Swiss financial centre.

CSR Corporate Social Responsability @

See our work in progress. Interested in your own (ISO 26000 and GRI GR4 compliant) CSR report ? Contact us

The EU law on non-financial reporting - how we got there

As the European Parliament passes a law requiring major business to report on social, environmental and human rights impact, MEP Richard Howitt writes on the struggle to get here

A historic law finally passed in the European Parliament yesterday, under which major businesses across our continent will be required to report on social, environmental and human rights impact in their annual company report.

Partnerships, Corporate Social Responsibility and the New Development Agenda

The world of partnerships for development is evolving. The United Nations High-Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda has emphasized that the private sector and different partnership arrangements are critical components of the global development agenda because they bring different perspectives and successful models to the table. Specifically, the Panel argues that sustainability and accountability need to be built into corporate strategies in order to take advantage of commercial opportunities for growth.

2014/4/16: EU and Australia approve/change legislation in favour of requiring companies to report on ESG

Following up the Rio+20 push for a global framework for Corporate Sustainability Reporting the European Parliament voted on legislative proposals to encourage around 6,000 companies to report on their environmental and social performance. The proposals apply to all EU large public interest companies with over 500 employees. The legislation is now finalised and will see the proposals formally adopted by the Council of Ministers after which member states are expected to bring them into force by 2016.

What hasn't Goldman Sachs learned that Sustainable Finance has?

Robert Rubinstein, Founder and CEO of Triple Bottom Line Group, has, for the past 15 years, been trying to convince the financial sector to adopt ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles to earn money while not making things worse.

In his colorful speech illustrated with videos and photos, he showed that economic growth through a business as usual approach that follows a linear growth in a resource-constrained world might be impossible.*

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