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Paying nature for services rendered (PES) - the case of water

Does the price of our tap water include payment for the natural purification carried out by forests, wetlands and soil?

Ecosystems provide essential services for sustaining life on the planet. They improve water quality through filtration, prevent floods, regulate run-off, reduce erosion and lower the risk of land-slides.

But against a backdrop of growing demand for water, environmental degradation continues to worsen, threatening natural resources as well as the ecosystems that support them.

The “payment for ecosystem services” approach has received growing attention in recent years as an effective tool for generating additional financial resources, redirecting funding to environmentally sound technologies and sustainable practices, creating incentives for investment and increasing private-sector involvement.

Today’s roundtable brings together an array of stakeholders who will share experience, recommendations and innovative stories from around the world.

9:00 Coffee
9:30 Welcome, Christophe Bouvier, Director, UNEP Europe
9:40 Introduction by the moderator, Sibylle Vermont, Senior Scientific Officer, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment
9:50 Presentations by the panel members:
• Francesca Bernardini, Secretary, UNECE Water Convention
• Claudia Sadoff, Economic Advisor, Water Programme, The World Conservation Union (IUCN)
• Tobias Salathé, Senior Adviser for Europe, Ramsar Convention
• Rob Hope, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University Centre for the Environment
• Emmanuel Manichon, President, Nestlé Waters Vosges
11:00 General debate and question and answer session
11:50 Wrap-up by the moderator
12:00 Close

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