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2015/08/17-18: Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change

Not only the Pope did acknowledge, in his Encyclical, "Laudato Si", the urgence for a Planetary Stewardship.

So did the Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change in Turkey, on 17-18 August 2015.

You'll find a complete review of it on International Environment Forum.

"After drafting work by a group of leading academics, and wide circulation for consultation, an Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change was adopted at an international Islamic Climate Change Symposium, held in Istanbul, Turkey, on 17-18 August 2015(1) (see ANNEX). The document is a significant addition to other religious declarations on this critical issue for the future of humanity, alongside those of the Bahá'í International Community's statement in 2008: Seizing the Opportunity: Redefining the Challenge of Climate Change (2) and the Pope's June 2015 encyclical Laudato Si': on care for our common home reviewed on this web site (4), among others."

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate


  • God – Whom we know as Allah – has created the universe in all its diversity, richness and vitality: the stars, the sun and moon, the earth and all its communities of living beings. All these reflect and manifest the boundless glory and mercy of their Creator. All created beings by nature serve and glorify their Maker, all bow to their Lord’s will. We human beings are created to serve the Lord of all beings, to work the greatest good we can for all the species, individuals, and generations of God’s creatures.