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A #100days for world leaders to show courage and agree on a transformative post-2015 agenda

Dear World Leaders,

Today, June 17, marks a hundred days to go till the UN Summit where you will adopt the post-2015 agenda. As this historical summit approaches, we urge you to be courageous by committing to adopting an ambitious and transformative framework for and with people and the planet.





The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) succeeded in shining a spotlight on a set of common development goals and priorities at the national and international levels, but this post-2015 agenda must go further in leaving no-one behind in the ght to eradicate poverty, promote more equal societies and secure a sustainable future for the world. You have one hundred days to ensure this is possible! It is now time for all countries to both commit to implementing the post-2015 agenda, and to ensuring full participation of civil society and other stakeholders in this process. We call on you to start planning the implementation phase now, and to commit to integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into your national development plans and policies.

We urge you to commit to continuing the dialogue at national, regional and global levels and to ensuring participatory approaches to monitor and follow up on this unique and historical agreement.

We have come a long way in the process of dening the post-2015 development agenda. Global, regional and national consultations marked an inclusive process that denes the new SDGs. Monthly intergovernmental negotiation sessions in New York ahead of the much-anticipated UN Summit in September are allowing for unprecedented levels of participation in designing the next development framework.

During this lengthy and energetic process, Beyond 2015 has been working tirelessly to ensure a strong and legitimate successor framework to the MDGs. We have built a platform for over 1,300 diverse civil society organisations worldwide to promote a common vision, give voice to those directly affected by poverty and marginalization, and feed key advocacy messages to decision-makers and negotiators.

We, civil society organisations from around the world, embarked on this journey for a new universal agenda with you and will continue to be involved with you by tracking progress towards the implementation of the agenda. We call on your leadership and courage for our generation, for future generations, and for the planet.

Beyond 2015 is a global civil society campaign bringing together over 1300 organisations around the world to work on the post-2015 development framework.

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