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2014/12/04: The Road to Dignity by 2030: Ending Poverty, Transforming All Lives and Protecting the Planet

Synthesis Report of the Secretary-General On the Post-2015 Agenda

Table of Contents
1. A universal call to action to transform our world beyond 2015
2. A Synthesis
2.1. What we have learned from decades of development experience
2.2. What we have learned from the post-2015 process
2.3. Shared ambitions for a shared future
3. Framing the new agenda
3.1. Setting the stage
3.2. A transformational approach
3.3. Six essential elements for delivering on the SDGs
3.4. Integrating the six essential elements
4. Mobilizing the means to implement our agenda
4.1. Financing our future
4.2. Technology, science, and innovation for a sustainable future
4.3. Investing in sustainable development capacities
5. Delivering our agenda: a shared responsibility
5.1. Measuring the new dynamics
5.2. Lighting the way: the role of data in the new agenda
5.3. Gauging our progress: monitoring, evaluation, and reporting
5.4. Making the UN fit for a sustainable future
6. Conclusion: together in a universal compact

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