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2014/10/15: Data Revolution for Sustainable Development consultation: Transformational Shift as seen by and

Our aim is to inspire actions that empower the marginalised and collectively tackle the root causes of inequality, injustice, poverty and climate change.




  • We want a world where everyone is able to equally and freely participate in the decisions that affect their lives and hold governments, international institutions, the private sector, civil society and other power holders accountable.
  • We need to urgently address the challenges posed by economic and political systems that favour elites and concentrate power and prosperity in the hands of a few.
  • We must transform production and consumption patterns so that they do not harm people and the planet.


The testament of our success is that concrete actions are taken now, agreements are ambitious, reflect local struggles and leave no one behind. We call for a transparent and inclusive process for the articulation, implementation and monitoring of such a framework.

The open-data revolution speaks of action and further tells of bringing diffusion of innovative solutions into fruition. The technology innovation being introduced brings to fruition a Web 3 and Web 4 Progression which subsequently sets in motion the requirements set forth by the World Bank’s 2010 and 2012 Knowledge Assessment Methodology. Therefore, the proposition forthcoming follows the WB KAM and meets the criteria for a country to participate in the knowledge economy trade through an Innovative System. The forthcoming proposition calls for the exploration and modeling of special cut financial instruments that are specifically designed to address human-capital. The proposed exploration of human-capital value may be realized and measured using value mathematics of Axiology. The concept is to represent capacity building and knowledge absorptivity outcomes and its relative worth. The human-capital could then be placed under the review of the P4R Instrument.

The innovation has solely set three standards to surviving this millennium for governance as well as finance and industry. The standards of survival are:

  1. change and ability to rapidly deploy change
  2. information dissemination without structured processes
  3. systems must be declarative

As an innovation with the ICT sector, it holds the key to increasing of a participating country’s knowledge absorptive capacity in utilizing open-data thus, supporting transparency which subsequently addresses accountability and promotes the reduction of corruption.

An Innovative System for the knowledge economy finds resonance with open-data initiative through Axiological valuation in the areas of production and use of knowledge as a commodity. The proposition promotes the financing for the restructuring of open governance as addressed in the action plans as presented by the members of the Open Government Partnership. Therefore, to address increasing concerns underlying economic growth and those addressed in many conflict and fragile, the proposition targets a stakeholder position to bolster all aspects of civilization.

On October 16th 2014, our project will be presented at the Robert S. Hartman Institute of Formal and Applied Axiology regarding its role in the New Global Deal. Axiology is the Science of Value by which the proposed instruments for human-capital may be based. An option for launching the open-data revolution begins in this group. Axiology is required for this web progression. Axiology provides a means to value and measure human-capital through capacity building.

On October 24 2014 the results of the Hartman Institute call for progressing the semantic intelligence will be made as part of the grant submission to the Web Foundation and the Open Data for Development (OD4D). The objective is to provide a technology pilot with an OGP member to model and explore the effects of a semantic web progression. The proposition answers the call with capacity building, human-capital and public good, and to model and value the impact regarding the progression to a 21st century type of governance.

The proposition will be sent requesting for an FCC experiment in a 9 county region spanning the US States. In this model Axiology will be applied to census tracts. The territory is service FTTH by Sunset Digital and other projects include a tier 3 data center. The project will seek spectrum allocations held in reserve by the US Federal Government as a means to position this region Gigabytes/second transfer speeds.

In support to our proposition for the engineering of our next civilization progression, we will release "Engineering a 21st Century Civilization Progression" later this year.

Our vision is a transformational shift that ensures gender justice and enables everyone to live their lives in dignity, free from hunger and from the fear of violence, oppression, discrimination or injustice, in a way that protects the planetary systems required for survival of life on earth.

We come together because 2015 is a generational opportunity for transformational change, which has the potential to shape the future of our people and our planet.



This is the world we want and believe can be achieved

For, Robert L. Short

For, Roger Kapp, Ishwar Haritas

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