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Basic income Summer University

What is basic income ?

Basic income is an inalienable and unconditional right which can be cumulative with other incomes. It is distributed by a political community to all its members, from birth to death, on individual basis, without any kind of resource control or requirement. Its amount and funding is decided upon through democratic process. Basic income is therefore individual, unconditional and universal. For more information

Who, where and when ?

In collaboration with the mayor of Coulounieix-Chamiers, the French movement for Basic income will put in place this year the very first Basic income Summer University. It will take place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd if August in Perigord, at Coulounieix-Chamiers (near by Périgueux). For this event, the whole agricultural high school called “La Peyrouse” will be made available for the University and its participants. We are very thankful to the all the people involved, both from the high school and the Coulounieix-Chamiers City hall, for their excellent hosting, their generosity and their valued contribution. Book here (fr)

The site is vast and provides open green spaces, accommodation and sport facilities. Whether you come on your own or with your kids, you will find all suitable facilities in terms of transportation, child care or luggage guarding at no extra cost so that you could easily bring your family along.
Catering service will be available on site at breakfast, lunch and dinner times. A user-friendly bar will be open all day long from 11am to midnight.

What will we be talking about ?

Basic income, as a tool for transforming society as a whole through empowerment of individuals, is the crossroads of different problematics: metamorphosis of the work concept, unemployment, ecology, gender equity and empowerment in general, social exclusion, democracy, active money and tax system.
This idea overlaps almost all the academic fields of human sciences: philosophy, ethics, economy, sociology… It is also an operational “tool” will could be implemented and take effect from now on at a country or continent scale.
Then basic income is “an object to be thought and done about”.
This University is aimed at exploring all the perspectives and each participant, according to the extent of his/her knowledge of the idea, his/her areas of interest and questioning, will be able to opt for the activities which suits him/her the most.
This event will also allow the militants of the movement, the members of local groups and all the other present basic income-friendly movements and networks to get in touch.

How will we be talking to one another ?

Interaction among the contributors and the participants will be favoured. This popular, cross-cutting, inclusive and user-friendly University is addressed to everybody whatever his level of expertise.
French and European personnalities will be there and will demonstrate their research or experience on the topic. Experts on different topics related to Basic income will be also attending this event as well as local citizens movements.
Thematics workshops will alternate with plenary sessions in the auditorium, indoor and outdoor self-managed workshops will also be organized as well as arts animation programs aimed at social interaction. Movies and documentaries screenings will be available all day long in the “ephemeral cinema”. The programme (fr)

How does a typical day unroll ?

Activities will start at 9.30am.
Depending on your preferences, you will choose among three or four activities per time slot. (For instance: Introduction to Basic income, thinking about women empowerment through basic income, training yourself to answer the most common objections or watching a documentary in the ephemeral cinema).

In the afternoon, activities will resume at 2.30pm til 5pm.
At 5.30pm will start the interactive plenary session in the auditorium (300 seats) where various guests from various backgrounds such as politics, research in humanities (anthropology, philosophy, sociology, economy…), civil society will share their views, sometimes critical, on Basic income and debate with the audience. Please have a look on the full programm.
From 9pm, an ephemeral bar (with concerts), sport facilities (soccer, basketball, handball) as well as various animations will be made available to the participants.
A closing night is scheduled on Saturday the 23rd from 11.30pm.

How to get involved ?

If you are willing to attend the University, you can already book your accommodation on line. Booking (fr)
A participant guidebook will be on line shortly to assist you and give you all the necessary details.
You can also volonteer in various ways – reception, bar, restaurant, video, technical support, communication… (discounted prices will be proposed) or contribute to any thematic commission. Please contact us
If you are willing to propose a theme and take the lead of a specific workshop, please contact us in advance in order to facilitate the workshops’ organization and management.
To propose a workshop

Pass the message on all around you to make the basic income idea spreadind and eventually real!



The site consists in 95 bedrooms (with bathroom) of 2 or 3 pax each at reasonnable pricing (14€ per pax including breakfast, free for kids under the age of 3).
B&B, campsites and hotels are also available around upon your preferences.

Catering service

During the University, an on-site refectory will be open at lunch and dinner times and will offer main courses (with vegan option), salads and desserts at customized pricing (mainly local and organic products).
A on-site snack bar will be also available.

Indoor facilities

An auditorium, many classrooms, a gymnasium, a refectory, an userfriendly club House as well as several common areas (equipped with internet access and TV) will be made available by the agricultural High School.

Outdoor facilities

Soccer and basket fields as well as various userfriendly areas (for picnics, ping pong…) will be accessible during the 3 days as far as the generously offered agricultural school’s equipment is cared for.

Fees and rates

The French Movement for a Basic income (Mouvement français pour un revenu de base – MFRB) would like to greet the largest number of peope without any barrier. That’s why there is no entrance and participation fees to the University.
The rates for accommodation and catering are cheap and allow all together the largest number of people to afford the stay, the high school to be given a compensation, meals made of fresh local and organic products to be served and a part of the general costs to be covered ( contribution towards travel expenses of the guests, equipment hiring…)

  • Rate per night (breakfast included): 14€ (adult), 9€ (kids over the age of 3), free for kids under the age of 3.
  • Rate per breakfast if taken alone: 3€
  • Rate per meal (lunch/dinner): 7€ (adult), 5€ (kid). Meals are offered buffet-style: crudités, mixed salads, meat platters, cheeses, dairy, fruits and coffee. Most of the served products will be local and organic.
  • An ephemeral bar will open from 10am to midnight (fruits juices, beers, wines coffee…)

Bringing your family along

You can bring your family along at the Summer University.

  • The agricultural High School site is vast. Sport facilities are availables such as gymnasium, soccer field, three outdoor basket fields et green areas. Facilities comply with security standards for being used by pupils.
  • Accommodation and meals is possible for kids on site. See the conditions
  • Free-access TVs will be accessible in three common rooms.
  • A Child-care service will be offered (upon request) to avail parents during plenary sessions and special nights. Thanks to advise us in advance for us to know the concerned number of kids.

On the event site, kids are under the responsability of their parents.


For any enquiry or suggestion, could you please fill up the form below or email us at We will answer as soon as possible to all messages. If you are willing to contact the French Movement for a Basic Income – rendez-vous here
You can also find us on Facebook