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2014/03/11: The World We Want, as seen by A MILLION VOICES



A sustainable future with dignity for all

This report by the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) collects the perspectives on the 'world we want' from over 1 million people around the globe. For almost one year, people have engaged energetically in 88 national consultations, 11 thematic dialogues, and through the MY World global survey. As member states consult on the shape and content of a successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) beyond 2015, it is hoped that the opportunity to listen to these voices will contribute to reaching consensus on what is needed to move towards a common sustainable future.

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Visualizing Million Voices


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The findings of this global conversation contain important messages for governments as they seek to agree on a new development agenda.

  • People demand to play a role in shaping and changing their world.
  • The fundamental areas covered by the MDGs remain critically important. At the same time, there is a call to strengthen ambition and urgency.
  • People are indignant at the injustice they feel because of growing inequalities and insecurities that exist particularly for poorer and marginalized people.
  • The challenges are complex and interlinked, requiring a sustainable development agenda that is integrated, holistic and universal, applying to all countries and all people.
  • People call for a new agenda built on human rights, and universal values of equality, justice and security. Better governance underpins many of their calls.
  • The focus on concrete, measurable goals should be retained but measurement of progress needs to be improved. A data revolution will support an accountability revolution.

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This chapter summarizes the main findings from the global conversation .There is a strong desire to capture the momentum generated by the MDGs, but also to bring in additional areas and principles from the Millennium Declaration. The consultations also reflect the need to take into account issues that have emerged since 2000, as well as future challenges, particularly those linked to population dynamics and environmental degradation. There is a clear demand for tackling inequality, injustice and insecurity in all manifestations, and a strong recognition of the need to address governance concerns and increase accountability if goals are to be achieved sustainably. People express clearly the challenge of recognizing and respecting fundamental human rights, understanding the complexities of the various issues and the interlinkages between them, and taking up the call for a more ambitious and transformational agenda — while retaining the focus on concrete, realistic and measurable goals.

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This chapter reports on the messages coming out from the national consultations that have taken place in 88 countries across the world, grouped by region: Africa, Latin America & Caribbean, Asia & Pacific, Arab States, and Eastern Europe & Central Asia. These consultations have been led by UN Country Teams with the involvement of national governments and civil society. A particular focus was placed on reaching out to poor and marginalized people: those who would not normally be heard in global debates. For country-by-country results of the national consultations, please see the respective national reports.

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This chapter summarizes the main points emerging from the 11 thematic consultations led by the UNDG in 2012–2013. The themes are: Addressing Inequalities; Conflict, Violence and Disaster; Education; Energy; Environmental Sustainability; Governance; Growth and Employment; Health; Hunger, Food Security and Nutrition; Population Dynamics; and Water. The consultations were jointly led by specialized UN agencies, and co-hosted by one or more countries. They benefited particularly from the active participation and support from civil society — individual citizens and organizations — academic research institutes and the private sector. For the individual thematic reports and other documentation, please consult the respective thematic consultation spaces on this platform.

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  • Process description of national consultations, grouped by region
  • Process description of thematic consultations
  • List of members and observers of the United Nations Development Group

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