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What Good Is Economic Growth if It Destroys Humanity ?

For us it is clear that the current economic, corporate and competitive rationale is insufficient, if not debilitating, for humanity to solve its financial, social and environmental crises.

The old school has come to a dead end.

We need to embrace fundamental change, inform ourselves about why things are going wrong, and follow cutting-edge examples which provide a new direction.

These practical examples provide a framework to understand the types of 'market transactions' which are more beneficial to humanity.


Investing As If The Earth Mattered


Business, money, environment, poverty, financial crisis – what do these themes have in common? How are they interrelated? Is it true that we need a lot of money to make a change in the world? How can we make big change with little money?


We believe that global youth have the answers to these questions. The Earth Focus Investing Newsletter investigates the links between business, finance, environmental problems and social challenges. We provide a platform for youth to share their ideas about why business and finance are part of global problems. The platform supports youth to help one another in developing cutting edge solutions to our global challenges. We also provide information about courses of study which open opportunities for students to make an impact in the working world.

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