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Ville Vivante: Genève un vendredi, à 18h

Today on February 20, two days before the opening of the Lift12 conference – and an excellent example of Lift’s examination of new technology trends – is the launch of “Genève, Ville Vivante”. This is a fascinating visual representation of the movement of people in the city, made possible by geolocalization of anonymized mobile phone data. Impressive animations and large panels will explain what new perspectives of the city these digital traces offer.

An initiative by the City of Geneva, Pierre Maudet. In collaboration with Lift and Interactive Things. A big thank you to Yves Cretegny, former Lift CEO and Fabien Girardin, who initiated this project together with Eric Favre, CIO of the city of Geneva, back in 2010.

See this impressive installation by yourself!
Mainstation of Geneva,
exit passage du Mont Blanc
Feb 20 - March 4 2012
Official opening ceremony Feb 20 14:00, in presence of Mr. Pierre Maudet, mayor of Geneva.