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Institutional support for the "Green Bridge" partnership programme, Robert Atkinson

King Arthur, round table, holy grail

Organisation of the black sea economic co-operation
-Rules of Procedures

The Sava Commission
- Rules of Procedure
- Regulations for the Staff

-Membership regulation

Regional Environmental Center ...

Possible governance structure

Policy SD, reduced in KZ ?

Distinctive "Bridging" function


Cost effective, not cheap

Dedicated Institution ?
Existing Institution ?

OECD: 9 criteria for selecting projects

Next steps ?

Robert Atkinson helped define UNOG's structure 20 years ago, self sustained organisation since

Asia/Pacific, Europe "approved" program

Program will cover Europe and Asia
China ? Afganistan ?
Large network

Transform to international level

Experimental solutions
Environmental priorities
Call to private investors

Issue mission statement per project
Realistic approach

Wich Institution authorised to select projects ?
Political will
Create conditions for Green market
What program exists for central Asia ?
Not just report at summit, new approaches needed to eradicate powerty

Who will do that ?
Common responsabilty

Comme to Rio with practical experience

Still friends in room
Welcomed, not approved
Start with concrete, small joint project
Prove Inter-regional cooperation feasability

Tried hard to convince EU that EU approach is not enough, not 100 years to do it

Fire, needs strong answer
ecosystem degradation
not business as usual

Other approaches, not duplicates/replacement

Very accute issue
no practical proposal in NY

Collect all proposals

Rio+20 is also about Institutional framework

There is interest
Substantiate projects

Active participation, lot of initiatives
Consultations must be large, private investors
Ministry of Economy should get involved

Voluntary, open program
Attract investment, technology transfert, ...

/ Minister of Ecology, Azerbaijan
Kyoto introduced marked mechanisms
Improve situation worldwide
Convention, not only voluntary
Independ expertise assessment
#2 growth
Support of other countries
Start small, create global platform

GB is creative project
Ad-hoc commitee, raise funds, promote in local states, business involment
Start small to prove feasability

Draft of proposal circulating

Create working group
Brazil invited

Start with interested countries, companies, ...
Pragmatic proposal:
time consuming
institutional approach very long, month or years
5-7 projects start, in order to be presentated at Rio
Interest from Brazil, South Korea, ...

Proposal: EOCD, UN, ... join working group

Asian bank, european bank for reconstruction

Discuss in small group shortly before Rio

/Minister E KZ
Good comments, presentations, ...
GB next steps
Institutional framework, not new institution, not bureaucracy

Working group lead by Karak