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Get gold from your phone: recycling " made in Geneva "

A public social institution makes a commitment into recycling " made in Geneva "

The Etablissements Publics pour l’Intégration (EPI) has set up 10 years ago a recycling workshop of electronic waste
in partnership with 1500 companies based in Geneva. Today, the workshop is branching into a new activity with the recovery of used mobile phones.

The mission of the EPI is to support the integration and the working reintegration of disabled persons or people with difficulties of social inclusion. The EPI provides residences and support at home to help those with troubles in their daily task. Training programs are proposed to help with the evaluation and the development of working capacities, with the aim to integrate these people in the marketplace or in suitable workshops. Today EPI employ more than 400 persons with difficulties, in their own workshops and shops.

To complement this social mission, EPI, in partnership with the EcoLogistic’s workshop, has set up the recovery of electronic equipments and printing devices. The computers which can have a second life are directed to a social partner company which fixes them and sells them on the second-hand market. Computers out of order are discarted to get back raw materials, and the polluting elements are treated separately. Ink cartridges are sorted out by references and sold to recycling factories, then put back on the market of recycled cartridges.

As a supplement to the inkjet and toner recycling program, Ecologistic expand into the recovery of mobile phones and used batteries from the general public,as well as from supportives companies. Containers are available in offices to disposed of used bateries and useless mobile phones. The first two collecting point for the general public will be in EPI’s shops called “EPSETERA” Other collecting points will be set up during the year to encourage the recycling of these products.

Why should we recycle metals?

Number of metals used in electronic products: Over 60
Rate of recycling for 34 of these metals: Less than 1%
Recovering metals for use in new protects reduces the demand for mining new ore, which often degrades sensitive habitats and causes pollution in local communities

What’s the big deal with mobile phones?

Globally, more people have mobile phones than bank accounts
Mobile phones contain precious metals, such as gold and silver, and also toxic metals, such as cadmium and lead
Proper recycling of mobile phones allows valuable metals to be reused and keeps toxic chemicals from entering the environment via landfills

How can I GreenUp?

Contact the closest site:

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