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Green Up the World ! And win a trip to London ...

Create your own T-shirt and win a trip to London to meet Vivienne Westwood and get a tour of her "attic of creativity" !

GreenUp Europe is connecting you to an historical world event in 2012. Not one predicted by Nostradamus, yet our own chance as Europeans to rewrite the future of the earth, and of humanity.

The historical event is “Rio+20” - a.k.a. the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

But don’t be misled, because in June 2012 world leaders aren’t just meeting to discuss the environment and sustainable development. Rio+20 is importantly about addressing our economies in this time of economic crisis, and setting the groundwork for a transition to one that is sustainable in many ways: a green economy.

The GreenUp programme, powered by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), brings Rio+20 to our collective European doorstep. And through the GreenUp platform you can put your voice and initiatives together with other Europeans to build a community, and a critical mass of evidence showing that the green economy is a real possibility for intertwining the world’s economies with our environmental and societal aspirations.

GreenUp is greening our economy and we’re challenging Europeans to take up actions each month until Rio+20.

The first action relates to Forests. We’re working with British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and selling tree-shirts with all the proceeds going to reforestation in Europe.

Check this platform regularly to interact with others and get inspiring ideas to GreenUp your life and pave the way to a greener Europe.

Share your vision. Paint the bigger picture.