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1-2 decembre, RIO+20 preparatory Summit in Geneva: Green economy roadmaps and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)

SDG's have been at center stage in Geneva.

Mentionned 331 times in 161 submissions, including but not limited to:

Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future (13 occurences)
Women (10 occurences)
Brazil (10 occurences)
Indonesia (6 occurences)
International Monetary Fund (IMF) (5 occurences)
Colombia (5 occurences)
Africa Region (5 occurences)
Switzerland (5 occurences)
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (4 occurences)
Rio+20 Earth Summit Sustainable Cities Working Group (4 occurences)
nrg4SD - Network of Regional Governments (4 occurences)
World Bank (4 occurences)
International Coastal and Ocean Organization,
Secretariat of the Global Ocean Forum (4 occurences)
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) (3 occurences)



Farooq Ullah, Head of Policy and Advocacy Stakeholder Forum (Chair)
Daniel Ziegerer, Acting Head of Global Affairs Federal Office for the Environment, Government of Switzerland
Cheryl Hicks, Team Leader Sustainable Lifestyles, Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production
Sue Riddlestone, CEO and Co-founder BioRegional Development Group

Sue Riddlestone:
We need a positive vision endorsed by civil society with a clear roadmap with SDG's and indicators allowing to measure it's progress.

We need to use simple common language:

1 planet living

13 points:

1 zero carbon
2 zero waste
3 sustainable transport
4 sustainable materials
5 local and sustainable food
6 sustainable water
7 Land use and wildlife
8 Culture and heritage
9 Equity and local economy
10 Training and knowledge sharing
11 Health and Happiness

If we inspire people, it will not be painful to go to 1 planet living

Analyse impact and consider people's needs

It's all about people, enabling sustainable living

One planet living

Achieve target within the time-frame science says is necessary

London, First sustainable games

Own operations & enable citizens/customers

Participatory process co-create plan & solutions

Opportunity for new businesses

Objectives can be complemented, phased into objectives presented by Switzerland
20 year goals, targets as intermediate steps
Monitoring and Review

Instruments to help implement, especially for developing countries
One size doesn't fit all
Recognize every country is different
But no contradiction

Sustainable public procurement

Sustainable agriculture and food security

Enabling conditions
Swiss submission is less science based than BioRegional's one

It's a simple bottom up, stakeholders oriented, approach
Main question was: where are the main needs ?

It will be interesting to compare Swiss's submission with more systematic approaches, like the one made by the BioRegional Development Group

Sustainable management of:
Energy, water, management of fragile ecosystems
Resource efficient and cleaner production

Trade in biodiversity products and services
Education on green enabling

Fossil fuel subsidies reform: must be WorldWide, or local industries will be disadvantaged

Ecological market transparency

Good mechanics

Cheryl Hicks
CSCP Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production

Business Vision 2050
Released 2010
developed by WBCSD

Goal: Get 9MM people to live well, within the limit of the planet
Roadmap to Vision 2050
(retrouver slide)

Key question, what is/should be the role of Businesses ?
There are solutions and opportunity spaces

Difficult transition

Enabling lifestyles

Need for Sustainable driven innovation

It's easy to engineer the future, but what will people do with that ?!?
Own needs, habits, ...
What Lifestyles are Sustainable ?
Action plan to get there

Multi-year baseline research
Social plateform, talk to each other, forum

Challenges by nov 2011
Changes by mar 2012
Opportunities by dec 2012

People behaviors, one size does not fit all
More Sustainable option at all levels

Enable more Sustainable living
Living within Sustainability, as soon as you step out, footprint increases

What we have learned

Green gym, clean money, intelligent fashion collection, urban well being indicators, urban food district planing

People's Forum iFutur

SD consumption can be improved

How could the future look like ?

Happy sharing communities

Data gathering in 2011
Conclusions End 2012

Revisit economic models
Hot spots
Investments should first adress hot spots
Not scatered approach
Way people live

Policies and governance systems that support SD lifestyles


Impact measurement and milestones 2012-2050
Must have Resilient road-map


UNESCO national for Sweden
Full use of this enormous potential

Small and medium size enterprises role
Chemical companies in the world, goal is to sell more chemicals
Destructive, implicate those (PME) that have stake in seing this transition happen

One planet living
Happy, healthy
Sustainable communities harder to implement in other countries, more policies that restrict
More training
Direction, so we can all head in one (correct) direction

Regional network, 50 national business council
20-30 regional meetings

Education is really important
Skill, life skills!
Jobs, work, unep did global survey, hopes for futur ? Jobs ?
Unesco vision for young people
Skills required

Relevance for developing countries
Share with other negotiators
So far, the process is text based, "zero draft" based
Need to share
Dev countries look at it from different perspective
Education clearly one of the priorities
How to enable ?


Start of something
Continue discussion in NY, 15-16 dec

Tag line, what is the future that we want ?
Innovation, road-map, ... only as good as the people that use them
Bottom up
Help deliver more Sustainable future
Road-map, plan, action plan, concrete actions

More integrated proposal
Other submissions
Provide framework, allow civil society to see themselves reflected, not easy task
Worth effort
Praises excellent job done by civil society, ONG's, ... who managed to influence governments
Keep up the good work

Agenda accountability, transparency, ...
Knowledge exists
Analysis of all submissions, guidelines, toolboxes, signup, final proposal