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1-2 decembre, RIO+20 preparatory Summit in Geneva: Women's perspective

Women offered a very strong, realistic and refreshing perspective at the Rio+20 preparatory meeting in Geneva.

Among others, here are some of the specific topics that were discussed during the Women's hosted side event.

One simple, yet very strong, idea was (that of) a minimum wage of 1$ / women / day strongly supports this idea

Also, we will be 9 or 11MM in 2050, depending on whether the average number of child / women is + or - 0.5 ...
Hence sexual and reproductive rights for women is both a right, and a way for less population growth in the south

Other important topics discussed:
Brazil's "Mi casa, mi vida" program

but also
Bengladesh, women promote solar panels
Sahara, smaller ovens produce less smoke, need less wood
Ethopia, selling flowers, but cleaning water full of pesticides at the same time

Decent work, poverty eradication, social inclusion needs to be put forward

Not wishing/looking for cash transfer, but provide minimum income, see IMF, ILO, ... for architecture of such minimum wage

Everybody knows, recognizes the importance, women play in Society.

Also HH the Dalaï Lama asks that more power be given to Women:

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