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1-2 decembre, RIO+20 preparatory Summit in Geneva: Brazil, host country, 's perspective

Brazil notes that Commitment is required, and present here in Geneva.
Rio+20 is The most global event in next years

Main issues:
1. Permanent eradication of poverty is a necessity, and will/would create room for growth
2. Sustainable Development will be achieved by integration of Economic, Social and Environment pillars in all aspects of decisions
3. More multilateralism is wished, requested and required
4. Acknowledgment of world's order change points to need for global governance

Decisions must be guided by non-retreat approach (le jeu de l'autruche, c'est bon, on a donné depuis/pendant 20 ans ...)
Neither accommodation, nor renunciation, but Balanced approach of 3 pillars

Look toward future, not past

Scientific innovations are needed

Energy security, food and nutrition, including water, biodiversity preservation in order to allow for pharmaceutical medics based on natural
Food and nutrition, decent work, empower women, more equality

Regulation should be, must be, done by the states

Green economy link with SD must be underscored

Distinct reality of developing countries

Overall goals are needed (SDG's), agenda21

Social aspects should be on the for front, adoption/transition to green economy needs to be inclusive
Green economy needs to be a way to poverty eradication
7MM people, soon 9MM (or even 11MM) implies new Institutional framework is required
Both International organizations, and national ones

Interaction between 3 pillars has yet to become reality

The creation of a Permanent Organization in charge of regulating, following, implementing, ... all those aspects WILL BE CONSIDERED at Rio+20

Both local and global coherence in supporting in a more effective way the 3 SD pillars is required

It is urgent to address fragmentation
Implicate Banks, funds, regional agencies, ...

Funding remains unpredictable

Let's not forget the Sustainable Development guiding principles !

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