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Transition to green economy could yield up to 60 million jobs

GENEVA (ILO News) – The transformation to a greener economy could generate 15 to 60 million additional jobs globally over the next two decades and lift tens of millions of workers out of poverty, according to a new report led by the Green Jobs Initiative.

The study “Working towards sustainable development: Opportunities for decent work and social inclusion in a green economy” says that these gains will depend on whether the right set of policies are put in place.

Time for policy rethink to tackle global economic crisis

In his opening speech to the 101st International Labour Conference, the Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Juan Somavia, focused on the youth employment crisis, social protection floors, Myanmar, the situation of workers in the occupied Arab territories, the Eurozone crisis and basic labour rights.

A bad time for uncertainty on forest protection in Brazil

Forests are home to as much as 90% of the world’s land-based animal and plant life. They directly provide food, shelter, fuel, and a source of income to the 1.6 billion people whose livelihoods depend on them. And forests also benefit our environment by regulating the climate and water cycles and preventing soil erosion.

Time is running out

"Rio +20 is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. It is your collective responsibility to seize it." - UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, in his address to delegates yesterday working to finalise the Rio+20 Outcome Document

Top UN officials stress need for concrete commitments ahead of Rio+20 conference

“Leaders should agree in Rio that Sustainable Development Goals with clear and measurable targets and indicators will be a central part of the post-2015 global development framework,” Mr. Ban said. “SDGs would give concrete expression to renewed high-level political commitment for sustainable development.”

WWF’s freshwater goals and priorities for Rio+20

WWF’s freshwater goals and priorities for Rio+20

Flavia Loures and Stuart Orr, WWF

What is sustainability reporting?

​A sustainability report is an organizational report that gives information about economic, environmental, social and governance performance.
For companies and organizations, sustainability – the capacity to endure, or be maintained – is based on performance in these four key areas.

Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation

•New set of 164 IPCC scenarios available in SRREN considering full mitigation portfolio.
•Long-term stabilization of atmospheric CO2 concentrations below 400ppm achievable in multiple scenarios from multiple models.
•With increasing mitigation ambition, renewable energy plays an increasingly important role in mitigation portfolios across models and significantly increases in scenarios with low GHG stabilization concentrations.
•When competing options are not available or are otherwise constrained, RE deployments tend to be higher.

Message pour Rio+20

C'est avec beaucoup de plaisir que j'ai modéré la conférence d'EarthFocus: Une Révolution Globale de Solutions Vertes.

J'ai été impressionné par l'implication des jeunes, leurs connaissances et leur volonté de participer aux changements nécessaires de notre société.
Dans une société de plus en plus complexe, il est indispensable de tenir compte de façon équilibrée des aspects économiques, environnementaux et sociaux afin de tendre vers un avenir viable.

2012/05/18: Seize the opportunity to have your voice heard by the Heads of State in Rio+20

Make your recommendations and support the recommendations of others!

This process will go on until June 3, when the recommendations that receive most support (maximum 10) will be transferred to a public site for voting by the general public.

These recommendations will be organized by the Facilitators and presented to the Panelists in the Sustainable Development Dialogues (Rio de Janeiro, 16-19 June 2012), during Rio+20.


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