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Sustainable palm oil is good for business – WWF study

Protecting the environment by producing certified sustainable palm oil is also good for the bottom line, according to a groundbreaking new report released today.

Profitably and Sustainability in Palm Oil Production is a first-time study that comprehensively examines the financial costs and benefits of producing sustainable palm oil under the guidelines set out by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

The report finds that economic benefits outweigh the financial costs of pursuing sustainable palm oil operations.


Bonjour à tous,

Ce vendredi 30 mars 2012 démarrera le 2ième atelier sur le thème de la "mobilité". Il y aura des développeurs, des fournisseurs de données, des graphistes, des journalistes, des scientifiques, des chercheurs ou simplement des citoyens porteurs d'idées. Par petits groupes nous allons durant 2 jours tenter de nous réapproprier les données publiques en imaginant de nouvelles utilisations, de nouveaux services permettant une mobilité plus intelligente.

30–31 March 2012: Switzerland's second Open Data Camp

We are convinced that the thematic focus will strengthen the community of designers, developers, activists and journalists and foster innovation around making transportation both public and private a better, more efficient and more social experience through open data apps.

The European Forest Sector Outlook Study II

European forest sector policy makers are under increasing pressure.
Expectations of the region’s forests to meet increasing environmental, social and economic demands have never been higher. European forest sector policy makers must grapple with complex, imperfectly understood challenges to meet these demands
when designing forest policies. These policies will have to address challenges such as climate change, protection of biodiversity, space for recreation and leisure, and energy and raw material needs.

Sustainability and green economy: progress at the Rio+20 negotiations halting

According to the leader of the Swiss negotiating delegation, Ambassador Franz Perrez, Head of the International Affairs Division of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), progress at the negotiations is halting: the conference leadership and Brazil, which will host the summit in Rio, have failed to provide ambitious guidance and direction. Most of the Member States also displayed little ambition and vision for the negotiations.

This year, the World Environment Day theme is Green Economy: Does it include you?

WED Pack


Welcome to your quick guide to celebrating World Environment Day on 5 June, 2012.

This year, the World Environment Day theme is Green Economy: Does it include you? This highlights that the Green Economy as an essential rethink to the way we do business, if we are to create a brighter future.

How can standards help reach viability ?

Wolfgang Grosse Entrup, Head of the Sustainability and Environment department of Bayer AG, who states: “ISO standards are essential for recording comparable performance indicators in individual areas of sustainability. On this basis, we are able to identify potential improvements which we can then implement.”

US to propose first climate limits on power plants

The Obama administration will propose as soon as Tuesday the first ever standards to cut carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants, sources involved in talks on the matter said — a move that is likely to be hotly contested by Republicans and industry in an election year.

Rights at risk at the United Nations

Open Letter to the Secretary General for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), Co-Chairs of the Bureau for Rio+20 and Member-States of the United Nations, please sign the on-line petition:

What Good Is Economic Growth if It Destroys Humanity ?

For us it is clear that the current economic, corporate and competitive rationale is insufficient, if not debilitating, for humanity to solve its financial, social and environmental crises.

The old school has come to a dead end.

We need to embrace fundamental change, inform ourselves about why things are going wrong, and follow cutting-edge examples which provide a new direction.


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