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November 2012

The GreenRepository opens it's door to Sustainability !

Looking for a "Green" product/service 140km around Geneva ?
Look at the Green Repository !

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Le Répertoire Vert du Développement Durable ouvre ses portes !

Vous cherchez un produit/service "vert" dans un rayon de 140 km autour de Genève ?
Consultez le Répertoire Vert !

Et vous ?
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Measuring Progress in a post-Rio+20 World

Thursday, 29 November 2012, 8:30-13:00 International Environment House II


Coffee & Tea

Welcoming statements
Jan Dusik, Deputy Director, Regional Office for Europe, UNEP
Juliet Fall, Department of Geography and Environment, University of Geneva
Daniel Ziegerer, Head, Global Affairs Section, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment