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The importance of ease of doing business

News from India - 18. June 2017 - 19:29
Firms in India are smaller and less productive than they should be, and burdensome regulation is one important culprit

Government limitations in job creation

News from India - 18. June 2017 - 19:28
There are no quick fixes for India’s jobs problem, no matter what campaign promises may say

WWF stands with victims' families of the devastating forest fire in Portugal

News from WWF - 18. June 2017 - 2:00
Lisbon, 18 June 2017 – WWF expresses solidarity with the victims' families and the firemen fighting the ongoing forest fire in Pedrogão Grande, Leiria area, in the center of Portugal. WWF is deeply saddened by the numerous human victims.

The arid and flammable nature of Mediterranean forests (which include Portugal), climate change, human neglect and, above all, the lack of adequate forest management that acts to prevent forest fires, form a lethal combination that threatens forests and the security of local populations.

WWF urges the Portuguese government to take urgent action to prevent forest fires and accelerate the process of "forest reform" that began last year. The focus of efforts should shift from combating forest fires as they arise to preventing them from existing, through responsible long-term forest management. Responsible forest management is more effective and financially more efficient than financing the giant firefighting mechanisms that are employed every year. 

"We are extremelly sad and shocked by this unprecedented tragedy in terms of human victims. We strongly believe that good management practices should prevent forest fires and protect people's lives and livelihoods, "said Rui Barreira from WWF in Portugal.

"The tragedy we are living today in Portugal could happen tomorrow in any country of the Mediterranean region, as well as the world. WWF is calling all Mediterranean governments to engage in better fire prevention strategies yet this summer." added Paolo Lombardi, WWF Mediterranean Director.

For more information, please contact: Anne Rémy, WWF Mediterranean Director of Communications
Mob. + 39 338 66 06 287 - e-mail:
Follow us on Twitter: @WWF_Med

You, according to fake news

News from India - 17. June 2017 - 4:39
Is fake news an influence, or is it a reflection of who we are?

Food shortages due to climate change could fuel violence, unrest - research

New from UNFCCC - 16. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Eco-Business - Climate change as an issue would not just cause floods and other massive calamities, it could also cause food riots in some parts of the world, researchers say.

Vietnam commits to Paris agreement on climate change

New from UNFCCC - 16. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Vietnam Plus - Experts gathered at a workshop in Hanoi on June 15 to discuss activities to adapt to climate change in the agricultural sector to implement the Paris Agreement

Climate Change Effects: Louisiana's Coast Is Sinking More Rapidly Than Anyone Thought, According to Study

New from UNFCCC - 16. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Newsweek - From Antarctica, where a research expedition was canceled due to rising temperatures, to the Arctic Sea, where ice continues to melt, the effects of climate change are being felt around the globe.

Climate change is causing sea turtles to cook in the sand

New from UNFCCC - 16. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Mic - The dangerous effects of climate change are no longer a far-off possibility. Just ask the baby sea turtles

Climate Change News: Ice Area The Size of Texas Melts In Antarctica

New from UNFCCC - 16. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: International Business Times - As the climate has been changing, Antarctica has started to see some strange and out of the ordinary events take place in the typically cold, icy and snowy environment.

Why India's renewable energy revolution is racing ahead

New from UNFCCC - 16. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: USA Today - In 2015, at the climate talks in Paris, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi spearheaded the launch of an international solar alliance to raise $1 trillion to light up the developing world. Nearly two years later, Modi has turned promise into action.

Energy Department Closes Office Working on Climate Change Abroad

New from UNFCCC - 16. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: The New York Times - The Energy Department is closing an office that works with other countries to develop clean energy technology, another sign of the Trump administration’s retreat on climate-related activities after its withdrawal from the Paris agreement this month.

Cities fight climate change through ecosystem restoration

New from UNFCCC - 16. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: - Flooding and extreme heat are projected to increase over the next few decades and will be extremely costly for cities to manage.

Mongolia: New Project to Deliver Reliable Electricity and Scale-Up Renewables

New from UNFCCC - 16. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: The Financial - In the context of rapidly growing energy demands, a new project will support Mongolia’s efforts to improve the reliability and sustainability of electricity services.

The car industry is losing its head over Uber threat

News from India - 16. June 2017 - 11:25
Even if Uber or Alphabet’s efforts are very successful, people’s attachment to private cars won’t vanish overnight

Apple’s Tim Cook has a reason for breaking silence on cars

News from India - 16. June 2017 - 5:30
Apple knows it can’t go it alone in cars, and wants credit for innovation

How much money do I need to retire?

News from India - 16. June 2017 - 1:02
It is not easy to determine how much do we really need to save out of our incomes to know that we will hit retirement with enough to maintain our lifestyle

For fixed income, return expectation is not the only parameter

News from India - 16. June 2017 - 1:02
With lower inflation, returns from short-term bond funds would be enough to beat inflation and generate real positive returns

Women use technology as a genuine tool

News from India - 15. June 2017 - 23:16
When women hold technology in their hands, they never fail to do wonders

Policy puzzle

News from India - 15. June 2017 - 23:15
The US Federal Reserve is confident of another rate hike this year followed by three more in 2018, but the financial markets aren’t amused


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