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Calling for a more empirical debate on the Aadhaar experience

News from India - 17. May 2018 - 15:46
Survey findings suggest that the truth about Aadhaar on the ground does not lend itself to a simple “good” or “bad” verdict

Leon Bridges gets funky

News from India - 17. May 2018 - 12:46
The soul singer updates his retro sound and delivers a winner on his new album

Cancelling the cancellation

News from India - 17. May 2018 - 10:53
As ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is resurrected due to fan pressure, it joins a long line of TV shows that have come back from the dead

ENB+ Report | VEF 2018 | 14 May 2018 | Vienna, AT | IISD Reporting Services

News from IISD - 17. May 2018 - 10:51
IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB+ Meeting Coverage, produced a summary report from the Special Session of the 2018 Vienna Energy Forum, which took place on 14 May 2018, in Vienna, Austria

A plea to fellow vegetarian summer travellers

News from India - 17. May 2018 - 9:02
I’m a fussy vegetarian at home, but when I travel, I have only one food rule: Eat local

The brouhaha over mutual fund costs

News from India - 17. May 2018 - 6:17
Low incentives and high compliance costs will tilt the industry in favour of the well-heeled, unintentionally

Can Deve Gowda bring deliverance for the Congress?

News from India - 17. May 2018 - 2:15
In 2019 Lok Sabha elections, a Congress-led opposition can project Deve Gowda as the possible prime ministerial candidate on account of his track record and seniority. He is of a threat than Mamata Banerjee or Mayawati

Monetary policy comes full circle in 2018

News from India - 17. May 2018 - 1:54
We are back to asking the same question that Milton Friedman asked in 1968: can central banks impact the real economy?

There’s no such thing as moderate Marxism

News from India - 17. May 2018 - 1:43
The political power of Marxism resided in its contempt for bourgeois values and eagerness to destroy the present in veneration of a barely imagined future

Real reforms in Malaysia will need bold steps

News from India - 16. May 2018 - 19:21
The transformation in Malaysia is far more complex than a simple narrative of democratic forces defeating a decayed order

How can we maximize Hyperloop’s benefits?

News from India - 16. May 2018 - 19:07
Policy might shape the force of arbitrage by altering the infrastructural and regulatory contexts in which Mumbai and Pune are embedded

India in a summer of emerging market stress

News from India - 16. May 2018 - 18:52
The RBI deserves credit for its realism over the past two years, in not slashing interest rates and in accumulating foreign exchange reserves

Maturing of the digital content ecosystem

News from India - 16. May 2018 - 16:34
With the increase in the number of OTT firms, the appetite for content will only rise

CHRB: Tracking corporate human rights offences and offenders, globally

News from India - 16. May 2018 - 15:08
CHRB’s future extensions include finance, engineering, pharmaceuticals and the information and communication technology sectors, to develop a scanning board of 500 companies

Effectively using the new resolution framework

News from India - 16. May 2018 - 11:03
In view of the ongoing bidding processes and approach of CoCs, it cannot be estimated how long it would take for banks to recover dues and what the extent of haircuts would be

Fortis Healthcare takeover drama has few heroes

News from India - 16. May 2018 - 4:48
The Fortis board is largely to blame for failure to discharge its duty towards the shareholders

Most quick millionaires go bankrupt soon

News from India - 15. May 2018 - 20:29
Large sums of money coming suddenly into your life may make you vulnerable to financial mistakes

Counting is over and the political drama has begun

News from India - 15. May 2018 - 20:14
Though many saw the JD(S) as the kingmaker, it is now staking its claim to be the king

Increasing the states’ share of resources: a counterpoint

News from India - 15. May 2018 - 19:51
The principle here is that states (and local governments) should be able to meet their basic obligations based on their ‘own’ resources, and not based on what the Finance Commission has additionally devolved to them

A Hyperloop-induced Indian megalopolis

News from India - 15. May 2018 - 19:41
A Hyperloop line connecting Mumbai to Pune will eliminate existing differences between the two cities across various dimensions


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