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Elon Musk’s Simple Message On Why Climate Change Is Real

New from UNFCCC - 21. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Futurism - For Elon Musk, all you need to check for global warming is a simple thermometer. While that may not be entirely correct, Musk points out the real issue isn't thermometers — it's climate change.

Cities conference targets U.S. President Trump’s stance on climate change

New from UNFCCC - 21. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Toronto Star - Mayors from around the world gather to discuss action that can be taken against the spread of global warming.

Look to the sky for SE Asia's energy future, says Thai solar pioneer

New from UNFCCC - 21. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation - When Wandee Khunchornyakong Juljarern was looking for loans to build a solar farm in 2009, bank after bank rejected her.

America’s hungriest wind and solar power users: big companies

New from UNFCCC - 21. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Reuters - Major U.S. corporations such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc and General Motors Co have become some of America’s biggest buyers of renewable energy, driving growth in an industry seen as key to helping the United States cut carbon emissions.

How to get wealthy on a salary

News from India - 21. June 2017 - 14:19
Focus on your goals and your lifestyle choices rather than looking at what others are doing

Waiver contagion

News from India - 20. June 2017 - 22:08
There is a risk that after opting for farm loan waivers—a politically convenient solution—the political class will lose sight of the structural reforms badly needed in agriculture

Blockchain land records

News from India - 20. June 2017 - 21:49
If we use blockchain to record land transfers, we can have an immutable history of every property transaction that can be viewed by everyone and tampered by no one

India ratifying ILO conventions on child labour a good step

News from India - 20. June 2017 - 21:06
India’s ratification of ILO conventions is important for subjecting its performance on vital issues concerning child labour to global commitments

Clean energy can cement Indo-US ties

News from India - 20. June 2017 - 20:32
India knows—and the Donald Trump team has emphasized—that a reliable energy system is one that has a diversity of energy sources, including coal

Countering China’s land grab

News from India - 20. June 2017 - 20:29
India’s under-resourced Indo-Tibetan Border Police, under the command of the home ministry, is little more than a doorman

Charting the Indian banking sector’s future

News from India - 20. June 2017 - 20:26
Recent bank consolidation debates often ignore the underlying challenges of India’s banking industry structure

India’s money illusion problem

News from India - 20. June 2017 - 20:24
The recent drop in India’s inflation provides an excellent opportunity to think more clearly on the old problem of nominal versus real variables in an economy

Elon Musk’s Mars dream is worth rooting for

News from India - 20. June 2017 - 20:21
Science fiction-like projects help maintain investor faith in Elon Musk’s commercial ventures, particularly in Tesla

Putting philanthropy to work in India

News from India - 20. June 2017 - 20:18
Indian donors must carefully consider the design and impact of their philanthropic activities, and the latter’s intersection with development activities

A huge part of Antarctica is melting and scientists say that's bad news

New from UNFCCC - 20. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: CNN - Antarctica is experiencing weird weather, and the changes have some scientists worried about the future.

Religious leaders join forces in Oslo to protect rainforests

New from UNFCCC - 20. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: AFP - Religious leaders around the world met Monday in Oslo to urge further efforts to fight deforestation that is wiping out thousands of square kilometres of rainforests each year.

Myanmar develops resilience to disasters with World Bank financing

New from UNFCCC - 20. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Myanmar Times - A new project financed by the World Bank aims to bolster Myanmar’s capacity to respond to disaster risks.

Climate progress is not dependent on Paris accord

New from UNFCCC - 20. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Financial Times - A new US bipartisan coalition has effective proposals for emissions reduction

Germany Pledges 15M Euros to Aid Costa Rica Deal With Climate Change

New from UNFCCC - 20. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Costa Rica Star - During a visit to Costa Rica, Minister Barbara Hendricks of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) of the Federal Republic of Germany, announced support in the amount of 15 million Euros to aid Costa Rica work on mitigation and adaptation to climate change, reported the Costa Rican government.

World Bank highlights Jordan’s ‘green growth’ approach

New from UNFCCC - 20. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Jordan Times - Jordan has embarked on a package of measures to encourage "green growth in the environment" aimed at benefiting from local energies and reducing dependence on costly imports, a World Bank (WB) report has underlined.


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