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The world according to Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

News from India - 23. May 2018 - 19:02
Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ strategy and Xi Jinping’s ‘Chinese dream’ are founded on a common premise: that the world’s two biggest powers have complete latitude to act in their own interest.

The one-child policy had limited impact on growth

News from India - 23. May 2018 - 18:51
While the Chinese experiment looks appealing from a social planner’s perspective, its follies are now becoming apparent

Sterlite fracas: Companies can’t ignore human rights

News from India - 23. May 2018 - 15:51
‘This is a case of a community that has every right to protest and seek answers and redress, and a business that has every right to do business according to the law of the land—but, equally, ensure compliance with human rights’

Women in the workforce need support of public policy

News from India - 23. May 2018 - 15:38
‘Women today should not have to feel like they are failing in their maternal and wifely duties just because they have chosen to put their personal ambitions on par with the needs of their families’

Battle of The Exchanges

News from India - 23. May 2018 - 8:40
Lost in the buzz about the ongoing spat between NSE and Singapore Exchange, or SGX, is the key issue of why investors prefer to manage their equity risks offshore rather than onshore

Tough months ahead for Indian policymakers

News from India - 23. May 2018 - 4:13
It is crucial that the Narendra Modi government does not let public finances go off track when inflation is rising while the currency is depreciating

Will humans be part of the wars of the future?

News from India - 23. May 2018 - 3:54
It is impossible to have humans in the loop in a war fought with autonomous weapons system. Relying on Artificial Intelligence to take out this weapon technology isn’t any less unsettling

International trade tensions: a worry for Asia

News from India - 23. May 2018 - 3:40
The uncertainty in the global trade environment does not bode well for Asian economies that are heavily dependent on international trade and investment as a means of sustained growth

For European Union, Italy is a bigger problem than Brexit

News from India - 23. May 2018 - 3:35
The populist coalition in Italy is united by its disdain for politics as usual and dislike of the European Union

Blockchain in the power sector

News from India - 23. May 2018 - 3:28
Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the existing value chain for power utilities and fulfil the future vision of a distributed energy-sharing economy

Farm subsidies: the coming fight at the WTO

News from India - 23. May 2018 - 3:22
India needs to defend policies that make agriculture remunerative and stand by its poor at this stage of development

What Tamil Nadu, Kerala can teach other states

News from India - 22. May 2018 - 16:34
Tamil Nadu and Kerala emerged as leaders in public health for three reasons—genuine universal health access, innovations in front-line health delivery and political will

The fight for order in the market

News from India - 22. May 2018 - 15:01
Think tanks are increasingly assisting the government and regulators for better drafted regulations, howsoever much incumbents and vested interests want status quo

IISD/ENB+ @ G-STIC Special Event | 7 Jun 2018 | New York, US | IISD Reporting Services

News from IISD - 22. May 2018 - 14:42
IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB+ Meeting Coverage, will cover a Global Science, Technology & Innovation Conference Special Event, on 7 June 2018, from UN Headquerters in New York

Lessons for India from the US-China trade war

News from India - 22. May 2018 - 14:10
It would be naïve on the part of India to remain complacent that Washington will not threaten New Delhi for enhanced market access in agricultural and dairy products, and medical equipment

Narendra Modi government’s report card: ‘A’ for a more robust capitalism

News from India - 22. May 2018 - 9:23
Could the Narendra Modi government have done more? Yes, it could have pushed privatization, but then their model of capitalism is probably the East Asian one with a strong role for the state

How to balance the anxiety of a bull market and the calm of a bear market

News from India - 22. May 2018 - 8:32
There is significant churn between bull and bear markets. Stocks that look like they can only get more expensive in bull markets look very different in bear markets

Space race

News from India - 21. May 2018 - 22:25
The US has passed a bill that bundles all approvals under one roof to make it easier for companies to send space missions. India needs something similar from Space Activities Bill, 2017

The making of a strategic stalemate in South Asia

News from India - 21. May 2018 - 21:56
Pakistan hasn’t been able to fulfil its grand strategy objectives with the help of its nuclear weapons. And India hasn’t found an adequate answer to Pakistan’s skilful use of sub-conventional assets


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