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This video shows the extraordinary trend of global warming in more than 100 countries

New from UNFCCC - 3. August 2017 - 15:59
Source: Vox - This captivating video created by Antti Lipponen visualizes more than 100 years of temperature change in 191 countries in just 35 seconds.

This strange spot in the Atlantic is resisting global warming. Scientists think they know why

New from UNFCCC - 3. August 2017 - 15:59
Source: Washington Post - A mysterious “warming hole” in the North Atlantic Ocean, an anomalous zone of cooling temperatures which has fascinated and puzzled scientists for the past few years, may be evidence of more troubling processes at work.

China Prepares to Launch National Carbon Trading Scheme

New from UNFCCC - 3. August 2017 - 15:59
Source: CSR-Asia - The stage is set for China to become a global leader in climate action, as it prepares to launch the world’s biggest carbon market. The market will be unprecedented in its scale and complexity.

Congreso de Aapresid: fuerte apoyo de FAO a la agricultura de conservación

New from UNFCCC - 3. August 2017 - 15:59
Source: La Nacion - El representante de la FAO para América latina y el Caribe, Julio Berdegué, le dio un fuerte espaldarazo a la agricultura de conservación. Lo hizo al participar del acto de apertura del 25° Congreso de Aapresid, que se realiza en simultáneo con el 7° Congreso Mundial de Agricultura de Conservación, con asistentes de 40 países.

Climate change to cause humid heatwaves that will kill even healthy people

New from UNFCCC - 3. August 2017 - 15:59
Source: Guardian - If warming is not tackled, levels of humid heat that can kill within hours will affect millions across south Asia within decades, analysis finds

Study: Just going outdoors could become deadly in South Asia

New from UNFCCC - 3. August 2017 - 15:59
Source: AP - Venturing outdoors may become deadly across wide swaths of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh by the end of the century as climate change drives heat and humidity to new extremes, according to a new study.

Germany’s transition from coal to renewable energy offers lessons for the rest of the world

New from UNFCCC - 3. August 2017 - 15:59
Source: Ensia - The country's decades-long shift from industrial mining to clean energy has brought both challenge and opportunity

Enjoy retirement thanks to ISO 9001

News from ISO - 3. August 2017 - 15:51
Supporting our seniors and helping them to maintain an independent lifestyle has been ACPPAʼs mission for over 30 years. To substantiate its approach, the not-for-profit Group that manages care homes and...

The worldwide standard for electronic documents is evolving

News from ISO - 3. August 2017 - 15:08
The PDF format exemplifies the value of standards. Had the specification for PDF not been published from the technology’s introduction in 1993, PDF would just be one of a dozen document formats. More than...

The 1-2-3 of Xi Jinping’s endgame to avoid Japan’s lost decade

News from India - 3. August 2017 - 11:33
Until Chinese President Xi Jinping can guarantee a soft landing for the bloated property sector, he can’t afford to let local companies shop till they drop

Rapport du ENB | FPHN 2017 | 10-19 juillet 2017 | New York, US | IISD Reporting Services

News from IISD - 3. August 2017 - 10:19
Le Service des informations de l’IIDD, à travers son Bulletin des Négociations de la Terre (ENB), a produit un compte-rendu de la Réunion de 2017 du Forum politique de haut niveau sur le développement durable (FPHN 2017), qui a eu lieu du 10 au 19 juillet 2017, àu Siège des Nations Unies à New York

IISD/ENB @ IPCC-46 | 6-10 Sep 2017 | Montreal, CA | IISD Reporting Services

News from IISD - 3. August 2017 - 9:52
IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB Meeting Coverage, will cover the 46th Session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC-46), from 6 to 10 September 2017, from Montreal, Canada

RBI passes the buck back to the government

News from India - 3. August 2017 - 7:04
The message from the RBI to the government is loud and clear: Work harder to fix the economy

Tesla’s first billion (burned in a quarter) the hardest

News from India - 3. August 2017 - 5:41
Tesla’s cash on hand fell by roughly $1 billion in the second quarter at about $3 billion, meaning the company effectively burned through most of the money it raised in March


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