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It’s So Hot in Phoenix, Planes Can’t Take Off

New from UNFCCC - 22. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Climate Central - An intense heat wave is crippling the West this week, sending the mercury above 120°F in places like Phoenix. In a sign of just how hot things are getting, some airlines have had to cancel flights because of the heat.

The revolutionary technology pushing Sweden toward the seemingly impossible goal of zero emissions

New from UNFCCC - 22. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Quartz - As far as the eye can see, the only thing polluting our pristine environment is the gas-guzzling car I’m riding in.

How climate change will threaten food security of world's poorest countries

New from UNFCCC - 22. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Independent - Some of the world’s poorest countries will be hit hardest as climate change affects marine fisheries all over the world, according to a new study

États-Unis: des vols annulés dans l'ouest à cause d'une vague de chaleur

New from UNFCCC - 22. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: AFP - 43 avions au départ ou à destination de Phoenix sont restés sur le tarmac ce mardi à cause de la température qui avoisinait les 50°C.

Sudanese scientist battles climate change in Africas: big companies

New from UNFCCC - 22. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: Al-Jazeera - Balgis Osman-Elasha is renowned for studying climate change effects in the Horn of Africa and seeking solutions.

Why this leading shareholder advisory firm is now studying climate change

New from UNFCCC - 22. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: CNBC - A leading shareholder advisory firm is buying up environmental data and analytics companies, because its says investors are increasingly concerned about the impact climate change will have on their portfolios.

Future Energy: China leads world in solar power production

New from UNFCCC - 22. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: BBC - Ten years ago, Geof Moser had just graduated with a master's degree in solar energy from Arizona State University - but he didn't feel much opportunity lay at his feet in his home country

Researchers are figuring out how to generate solar energy from paint

New from UNFCCC - 22. June 2017 - 15:59
Source: - Researchers at RMIT University in Australia have developed a solar paint that could offer endless supplies of clean energy.

Croatia: Watershed moment for the Great Waterfall and Plitvice Lakes National Park

News from WWF - 22. June 2017 - 2:00
Zagreb – This week, local communities living in and around Croatia's Plitvice National Park and veterans' associations came together to symbolically halt traffic at a wooden bridge near Plitvice Sela to draw attention to the numerous threats facing Croatia's only UNESCO World Heritage site.

Known worldwide for its lakes, Plitvice National Park has long attracted thousands of visitors and interest but in recent years, unprecedented pressure from tourism and ill-planned construction projects threaten to impact the park's waters and biodiversity.

Excessive water use has left the park's Great Waterfall running dry, with only 40 per cent of its maximum water capacity currently available. Unless urgent action is taken, Plitvice National Park could be inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger. 

"A series of ill-informed decisions have left Croatia's most precious natural pearl at unprecedented risk. Waste water flows, one of the impacts we are seeing of the uncontrolled increase in tourists and irresponsible construction projects in the area, are already affecting the Great Waterfall and the survival of its unique flora and fauna," said Irma Popović Dujmović, project officer, WWF-Adria. "We cannot risk losing Croatia's icon of protected nature, and the many jobs entire local communities depend on."

1.3 million people are estimated to visit Plitvice National Park annually and since 2010, overnight stays in Plitvice have increased as much as 12-fold to about 39,000. As visits increase, it is critical that the park adopts a sustainable management plan that balances the potential for growth with the need for greater environmental protection.

In the past year, the ministry of construction and spatial planning has issued permits for the construction of 35 new private apartments, bed and breakfasts and restaurants. Even the bridge where people gathered on Wednesday 21 June, is estimated to be crossed every day by dozens of trucks weighing up to 40 tonnes while its maximum capacity is stated to be 3.5 tonnes only.

WWF is calling on the Croatian ministry of construction and spatial planning to urgently start working with the ministry of environmental protection and energy to prevent the destruction of Plitvice Lakes.

In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage site, Plitvice National Park park is also part of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas requiring the Croatian government to ensure legal protection of the site against destructive projects.

"We urge the government to work together with local communities and relevant stakeholders to ensure a more sustainable management of the park. By planning projects that involve local communities and take into consideration the natural values of the park, we can ensure Plitvice's beauty and biodiversity are protected while promoting social and economic development for all," added Popović Dujmović.

A WWF report "Protecting people through nature: places of world natural heritage as a driver of sustainable development" published last year as part of the Saving Our Shared Heritage campaign showed that nearly half of the world's natural heritage sites are endangered by harmful industrial activities.

Signs of stability on external front

News from India - 22. June 2017 - 1:18
India’s balance of payments account is expected to remain healthy over the near term, with a moderate level of current account deficit

Bans, do they work at all?

News from India - 22. June 2017 - 1:08
Bans don’t solve any behavioural problems. We need to develop new strategies to deal with various social evils.

Advancing cooperation in higher education

News from India - 22. June 2017 - 1:06
It makes sense for India and the US to strengthen ties in four critical areas of higher education: financing, teaching quality, research and governance

India’s increasing green growth

News from India - 22. June 2017 - 1:04
The country has become more energy efficient but its structural transformation is also taking some intriguing twists and turns

Countering the false narrative

News from India - 22. June 2017 - 1:01
Education can improve only as much as classroom pedagogic practice and school culture improves

Avoid the temptation to overregulate telecom

News from India - 22. June 2017 - 0:59
There are good reasons for allowing the struggle for survival and market share to play out in its entirety

Sebi’s showcause notice to NSE in algo-trading case points to another shoddy investigation

News from India - 22. June 2017 - 0:51
What’s worse still is that Sebi may have found evidence of undue gains by some stockbrokers in the algo-trading case but hasn’t brought it up to help NSE save face

Little relief for entertainment under GST

News from India - 21. June 2017 - 22:43
Watching films may become even more expensive as states prepare to empower local bodies to impose entertainment tax outside the ambit of GST

Crop insurance and the agrarian crisis in India

News from India - 21. June 2017 - 22:34
Crop insurance has failed to provide much-needed relief to farmers from destitution


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