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Donald Trump’s China policy muddle

News from India - 27. March 2017 - 20:01
To tackle the little bully, North Korea, US President Donald Trump (like Barack Obama) is seeking the help of the big bully, China

Farm loan waiver is no solution for Indian agriculture

News from India - 27. March 2017 - 20:01
In the case of repeated farm loan waivers, it makes sense for borrowers to default strategically

Who sold a dummy to whom?

News from India - 27. March 2017 - 20:00
On balance, actions after demonetisation are enabling concentration of information and discretionary power in the hands of the government

Dismantling the permit raj in housing

News from India - 27. March 2017 - 19:56
Stringent land-use regulations have been a major source of housing market distortions in Indian cities

The foundation of Aadhaar

News from India - 27. March 2017 - 19:40
While the government has shown urgency in expanding the coverage of Aadhaar, it is yet to take concrete steps to allay the fears of those who are going to use it

Loving to learn: A new management system standard for educational organizations

News from ISO - 27. March 2017 - 16:18
Education is not only a basic right, but a fundamental part of society, so the quality of educational providers is everyone’s concern. While they can’t necessarily guarantee outcomes, there is a lot that...

Earth Hour: When lights were turned off around the world

New from UNFCCC - 27. March 2017 - 15:59
Source: AFP - Millions of people from some 170 countries and territories took part in the annual bid to highlight global warming caused by the burning of coal, oil and gas to drive cars and power plants.

Iconic Jamaican beach vanishing as pollution, climate change take a toll

New from UNFCCC - 27. March 2017 - 15:59
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation - Hellshire Beach, one of Jamaica’s cultural icons, has appeared in countless documentaries, movies and travelogues about the island nation. The strip of sand, a half-hour drive from the capital and backed by seafood restaurants, is a weekend favorite for Kingstonians, a place to kick back and “lyme” – the local term for “chill”.

In Germany, a clean energy shift is politics-as-usual

New from UNFCCC - 27. March 2017 - 15:59
Source: Climate Home - As Trump reverses the US climate stance, Germany touts its “Energiewende” as a matter of national pride – regardless of who wins the upcoming election

Kenyan Met Office predicts rains to fail sparking crisis worse than 2011

New from UNFCCC - 27. March 2017 - 15:59
Source: Climate Home - Study released on Thursday shows a 2016 drought was made worse by climate change – but with March rains predicted to fail, the Met Office has warned of worse to come

Women Saving the Planet: Patricia Espinosa of Mexico

New from UNFCCC - 27. March 2017 - 15:59
Source: Pacific Standard - COP16 [in Cancun] changed my life. Of course I was aware of climate change problems before then, but my depth of knowledge increased so much that I realized we could not ignore the problems. It needed to be a priority.

The more climate skeptics there are, the fewer climate entrepreneurs

New from UNFCCC - 27. March 2017 - 15:59
Source: Business Mirror - In our new paper for the National Bureau for Economic Research, we argue that the presence of climate skeptics reduces the aggregate demand for products that help with climate adaptation—which means that innovative companies are less likely to devote their efforts to solving these challenges.

Earth Hour : une heure d’obscurité pour éclairer le changement climatique

New from UNFCCC - 27. March 2017 - 15:59
Source: Le Monde - De nombreux monuments ont été temporairement éteints, samedi, dans le monde entier. Une initiative lancée voilà dix ans pour faire évoluer les mentalités sur l’enjeu énergétique.

Climate action plan with China

New from UNFCCC - 27. March 2017 - 15:59
Source: NZ Government - Minister for Climate Change Issues Paula Bennett has announced details of a climate change action plan to be put in place with China.

Carbon Tax Not on Agenda for Trump

New from UNFCCC - 27. March 2017 - 15:59
Source: National Geographic - Voices - President Donald Trump is not considering a national carbon tax proposal that a group of Republicans discussed in February. A White House official told GreenWire in an e-mail that although the group of Republican leaders visited the White House to discuss their proposal that “the Trump Administration is not considering a carbon tax.”

Gatwick Turns Airline Waste Into Energy On-Site With New Waste Plant

New from UNFCCC - 27. March 2017 - 15:59
Source: CIWM - Journal - Gatwick Airport and DHL Supply Chain have officially opened a new waste management plant onset at the airport, mining it the first airport in the world to turn airport waste, such as food and packaging, into energy on-site.

Consumers value their cars more than their lives

News from India - 27. March 2017 - 13:07
Common errors we make while choosing life insurance, which we don’t while buying car insurance

Will ‘Big Little Lies’ and ‘Feud’ show the way for Bollywood?

News from India - 27. March 2017 - 9:40
‘Big Little Lies’ and ‘Feud’ are humdinger of TV mini-series for not just finely-etched characters, but also the women star cast who are masters of their own destiny

A new fiscal year: New hope or Old worries?

News from India - 26. March 2017 - 23:28
2017-18 is crucial and eventful for many reasons, economic and political, and all of them pack disruptive potential—the kind which could roil the best calculations

Managing Kashmir’s youth bulge

News from India - 26. March 2017 - 22:59
If adequate jobs do not come to the valley, young Kashmiris must travel elsewhere in search of occupation


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