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Updated: 10 hours 18 min ago

Big tech is not an environmentally clean industry

4. June 2018 - 16:54
Much more worrisome than annoying traffic jams and pollution caused by office-going IT programmers in India is the overall pivot that the world’s IT industry is making towards pervasive artificial intelligence (AI)

Pre-emptive rate hike better than reactionary one

4. June 2018 - 16:40
Investors have become sensitive to economies that face overheating risks, characterised by twin deficits and high inflation, that could potentially unsettle macroeconomic stability

Rural distress undercuts GDP growth euphoria

4. June 2018 - 15:25
At the end of four years, the government may have little time to undo the damage its policies may have caused to the rural economy, but the least that it can do is to lessen the pain of the distress to the rural population

Opinion: RBI rate hike a close call, by the governor

4. June 2018 - 6:15
A rate hike decision at RBI’s monetary policy meeting this week could very well rest on governor Urjit Patel’s casting vote

Running on hope

3. June 2018 - 19:24
The streaming model might have changed the way popular entertainment works today—but there is no sign on the horizon of how that model can turn a profit

Enemy’s enemy is my friend: New political mantra

3. June 2018 - 18:38
With the general elections, likely to be a mother of all battles, less than a year away, political parties are jockeying for vantage—to exploit the inevitable sentiment of anti-incumbency against the NDA

The emerging great Indo-Pacific game

3. June 2018 - 16:15
While India’s stepping up to play the Indo-Pacific game is commendable, there are serious structural and operational handicaps that it will have to overcome

Before beating plastic, India must save its rivers

3. June 2018 - 16:14
The number of polluted rivers in India has risen from 121 to 275 over the past five years

Bracing for external headwinds by minding our weak spots

3. June 2018 - 16:03
Since the fiscal deficit is generally regarded as a critical measure of macroeconomic stability, we can assume that our fiscal deficit will come under intense scrutiny

The political economy takeaways from Thoothukudi

3. June 2018 - 15:42
In a spatially unequal India, expect to see regional parties become increasingly important over time—both retaining strongholds and perhaps even breaking new ground in states currently dominated by national parties

Venezuelans deserve refugee status

3. June 2018 - 15:14
The international community may need time to resolve Venezuela’s political crisis, but that is time that Venezuelans cannot afford

The time has come for RBI to tighten its monetary policy

3. June 2018 - 15:07
A rate hike at this stage would signal that the Reserve Bank of India is committed to maintaining financial stability and help boost investor confidence

Confessions of a WhatsApp teetotaller

2. June 2018 - 6:26
Over the last six months, I was quite prepared for the awkward looks of disbelief when I explained that I did not use WhatsApp ‘for personal reasons’

A portrait that got Jawaharlal Nehru wrong

1. June 2018 - 11:53
To the British historian Michael Edwardes, Jawaharlal Nehru was an accident of history—the wrong man at the right place—rather than someone who earned his stripes

An English summer with Indian mezze

1. June 2018 - 7:48
Quick, inventive little meals that are perfect for stay-at-home afternoons or outdoor picnic spreads

Courtney Barnett sings short stories

1. June 2018 - 5:20
The Australian singer songwriter takes the mundane and makes it magical

Angela Merkel’s comeuppance is Europe’s misfortune

1. June 2018 - 4:56
No one should be surprised by the position in which Angela Merkel and Europe find themselves today. But only a dangerous fool would celebrate

The agricultural core of the macroeconomic problem today

1. June 2018 - 4:40
There has been a total absence of the kind of syncretic policy we should have had between the Centre and states on the interlinked issues of agriculture, water, commerce and finance

Achieving universal health coverage in India

1. June 2018 - 4:30
Universal health coverage that is designed on a revised definition of health will lead to a better understanding, and attainment, of holistic well-being

Boosting shareholder activism in Corporate India

1. June 2018 - 4:23
The promoter culture, with deep roots in the lost decades of the licence raj, reigns supreme