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Updated: 6 hours 56 min ago

Why are telecom firms in the doldrums?

12. June 2017 - 1:13
Instead of undercutting prices among themselves, India’s telecom firms will be better off if they offer innovative products and services

Entrepreneurship and jobs: Think small

12. June 2017 - 1:11
The role of informal entrepreneurship needs to be scaled up and not down, as it doesn’t look like the formal sector can address India’s employment challenge

Why US Conservatives distrust science

12. June 2017 - 1:08
For many on the right, science is a kind of fakery, especially when it comes into conflict with long-held beliefs or ideologies

The evolving state of Indian states

12. June 2017 - 1:06
Revenue expenditure of states has risen sharply with greater financial devolution and increased expenditure, a gap which will further increase with GST

The evolution of American hegemony

12. June 2017 - 1:03
The hegemon must be prepared to accept costs to itself in the larger interest of upholding the system

A misguided push towards electric vehicles

12. June 2017 - 0:59
The government’s stress on clean energy is commendable but it should let the market decide the winning technology

Five reasons why one should own debt funds

11. June 2017 - 19:56
While equity mutual funds are gaining traction with retail investors, debt funds remain uncharted waters for them

Which businesses will define the current decade?

11. June 2017 - 17:47
E-commerce is the only obvious candidate, but is still unprofitable, and given the economics of the business, unlikely to turn profitable anytime soon

We don’t need more Mandsaurs

11. June 2017 - 16:44
For farmers protesting in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, and in many parts of the country, farm loan waivers are not a cure for a festering wound—just first-aid

How Instagram is changing the way we eat

11. June 2017 - 14:27
Social media is changing and influencing the way we eat and what we eat. It is also changing the way restaurateurs market themselves and present their dishes

Ram Gopal Verma’s new film on being Sunny Leone is a feminist’s nightmare

10. June 2017 - 10:30
Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chaahti Hai will make the most liberal and feminist of us cringe. It would make even Sunny Leone cringe

On a wing and a prayer

9. June 2017 - 21:00
A good flight is when you have boarded the plane in a semi-civilized manner, without being out of breath because the gate was somewhere near Alaska

The way we listen

9. June 2017 - 14:49
What the Lounge music special asks is this: can we train our faculties to be tormented by the last ‘lai’ of a Simon & Garfunkel song with a little help from friends?

The Louis CK sitcom you haven’t seen

9. June 2017 - 10:32
Lucky Louie, a show from 2006, provides insight into how simply a genius can get off the blocks

India’s democracy is taking an illiberal turn

9. June 2017 - 5:04
The rapid poisoning of India’s public culture renders the question of economic reform moot. The contemporary world’s greatest experiment in democracy is dying

Afghan mini-surge has a strategy deficit

9. June 2017 - 1:09
For a new plan to be successful, the US will have to define what ‘success’ actually means

One Belt, One Road has no basis in China’s history

9. June 2017 - 1:07
China is seeking to legitimize One Belt, One Road by invoking the Silk Road, but the initiative more closely resembles European imperial engagement with Asia in the 19th century

The age of blowback terror

9. June 2017 - 1:04
Countries that have meddled in the Middle East are facing a surge in terrorist attacks

The republic of compromise

9. June 2017 - 1:00
The Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution of India seem to represent the best and worst aspects of India’s tendency to compromise

Managing the RBI-finance ministry rift

9. June 2017 - 0:58
Disagreement is not in itself a bad thing, but the threat of a breakdown in communication certainly is