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Updated: 4 hours 7 min ago

‘Begum Jaan’ is an assault on the senses

17. April 2017 - 12:20
Srijit Mukherji’s magnum opus ‘Begum Jaan’ is an utter travesty to feminism, cinema and female actors in the Hindi film industry

The game theory of overbooking flights

17. April 2017 - 10:00
Given the mess that United Airlines created for itself after a passenger was dragged off a flight last week, Delta said it could increase the incentives for ‘voluntary denied boarding’

China’s tale of two cycles shows bad debt bogeyman lives

17. April 2017 - 7:46
It’s still all about keeping the business cycle going while expecting the financial cycle to lose its sting. Which could be hoping for a bit too much, a bit too soon

Should the govt hold stake in tobacco firms?

17. April 2017 - 7:44
A group of individuals, some of whom run the Tata Trusts, have filed a case in the Bombay high court seeking the govt to relinquish its stake in tobacco firms

It’s a good thing Jack Ma’s back. And with more money, too

17. April 2017 - 7:06
Late Sunday, Ant Financial Group, an affiliate of Jack Ma’s Alibaba, announced it would increase its bid for MoneyGram by 36% to $18 per share

Some benefits of the annual end of season insurance sale

17. April 2017 - 4:30
For those of you who suffer from borderline health conditions, the second fortnight of March is the best time to apply for insurance

The untold story of India’s bond market

17. April 2017 - 0:06
While the focus is on rising bond yields and erosion in bank treasury profits, many are missing the intense fight between bulls and bears in India’s bond market

New fiscal dharma and a rules-based society

16. April 2017 - 23:55
The apparent reluctance of India’s governments to adhere to fiscal dharma captures the importance of N.K. Singh committee’s recommendations

What Suresh Prabhu can learn from Dave Donaldson’s paper on Indian Railways

16. April 2017 - 22:21
Economist Dave Donaldson’s paper on Indian Railways shows ramping up investment in railways and roads is one of the best ways to promote development in the hinterland

Kulbhushan Jadhav row a test for India’s intent and resolve

16. April 2017 - 20:33
Can a strong nation such as India allow Pakistani intelligence agencies to kidnap one of their citizens from Iran and hang him?

India’s Trade deficit

16. April 2017 - 20:08
The massive trade deficit that India has been running over the years is an indication of not just rapid economic growth but also weak industrial competitiveness

Limerick: On the Election Commission’s EVM hacking challenge

16. April 2017 - 19:25
Bibek Debroy’s Mint Metric on the Election Commission’s EVM hacking challenge

Disintermediation: the silent tsunami

16. April 2017 - 19:22
Rebalancing the financial architecture of India evenly between banks and mutual funds will be healthy for the economy

Are Jan Dhan bank accounts actively used?

16. April 2017 - 19:20
Number of active transactions per account transacted by Jan Dhan account holders starts off slow but increases with the age of the accounts

Oil sector needs more competition

16. April 2017 - 19:19
Merging upstream and downstream oil public sector units will simply create more inefficiencies

Too late to compensate free trade’s losers

16. April 2017 - 19:19
Today’s consensus concerning the need to compensate globalization’s losers presumes that the winners are motivated by enlightened self-interest

The long road to fiscal sanity

16. April 2017 - 19:19
The N.K. Singh committee has done well to set tough fiscal policy goals for a country that is prone to high inflation as well as macroeconomic instability

Lessons from the United Airlines debacle

16. April 2017 - 19:19
United’s crisis-management effort came across as unprofessional, disjointed, and lacking in strategic underpinnings

The de-electrification of the US economy

15. April 2017 - 14:46
Electricity use in the US is still below its 2007 level, and seemingly flatlining

Opec warns of a world that still has far too much oil

15. April 2017 - 13:11
Opec’s monthly report shows global oil inventories increasing by 430,000 barrels a day in the quarter just ended signalling that world is still over-supplied with oil