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Updated: 4 hours 52 min ago

Reserve Bank’s inflation battle is far from over

1. August 2018 - 19:19
A 25 bps rise in repo rate is less risky for RBI to balance trade-off between growth and inflation

Monetary policy decisions have become fiendishly complicated

1. August 2018 - 19:15
RBI continues to keep the stance neutral, which affords it latitude to swing either way

Too many jobs feel meaningless because they are

1. August 2018 - 18:42
Maybe we’ve been thinking about the modern business world in completely the wrong way. And perhaps slowing productivity shouldn’t be a surprise

Getting serious about digital fiat currencies

1. August 2018 - 18:37
More and more central banks are considering issuing them, for good reason; so should the Reserve Bank of India

The logic of India-Japan cooperation

1. August 2018 - 18:21
India must Act East and act fast, to ensure that it remains not only relevant to the region but also contributes to realizing a win-win situation

Extrajudicial killings in Manipur: Justice delayed

1. August 2018 - 18:15
PIL alleges 1,528 extrajudicial killings between 1980 and 2011 in Manipur, and the allegations were against the Indian Army, Assam Rifles, central paramilitary forces and Manipur Police

India needs a better report card to meet SDG targets on healthcare

1. August 2018 - 18:05
India’s performance on the MDGs, especially on health and nutrition, improved but stayed sub-optimal

The reversal of no-detention policy is regressive

1. August 2018 - 18:05
Punishing children with no power to protest for the failure of everyone else in the system is just a convenient and cynical transfer of culpability

Balancing Big Data and privacy

1. August 2018 - 17:49
The Justice Srikrishna Committee has become so mired in privacy concerns that it has severely curtailed the potential benefits of Big Data and AI

The road ahead for the National Stock Exchange

1. August 2018 - 17:41
The story of Indian capital market development over the past 25 years has been inextricably linked to the NSE story

RBI frontloads rate hike, more on the cards

1. August 2018 - 13:59
There will be more rate hikes. How many and when are anybody’s guess at this point in time

Opinion: RBI snatches the punch bowl, just in time

1. August 2018 - 13:54
Raising rates now avoids the risk of more aggressive tightening later

GST tax structure should move towards lower rate brackets

31. July 2018 - 19:06
Rate rationalizations over a period of time have tried to bring down the rates in sectors to boost economic activity and move from a high rate of 28% to 18% for most commodities

Do bankrupting promoters get another chance?

31. July 2018 - 17:43
As the hundreds of cases referred to the NCLT prove, far too many promoters have exploited the loopholes in the system in pursuit of grand ambitions at the expense of lenders and shareholders

Will the US-EU bonhomie on trade last?

31. July 2018 - 17:43
For agreeing to purchase unquantified amounts of soybeans and LPG from the US, the EU managed to stave off the imposition of punitive 20% import duties on its cars for the time being

Donald Trump’s grand strategy

31. July 2018 - 17:36
The transactional approach to international relations on which Trump’s strategy relies is likely to persist long after he leaves office

Improving state finances by reducing power losses

31. July 2018 - 17:32
India’s total energy losses are significantly more than international norms—wastage that state budgets cannot afford

The importance of service standards

31. July 2018 - 17:23
Such initiatives in India have been driven by the need to connect with external markets, but domestic consumers matter too

The Indian economy’s changing growth constraints

31. July 2018 - 17:16
The job of policy strategists is always to identify the binding constraints to growth and then try to figure out which policies will help ease them

The Achilles heel of the draft personal data Bill

31. July 2018 - 16:57
The penalties it lays out for data fiduciaries violating its provisions have been designed with private entities in mind, not the government