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Updated: 3 hours 15 min ago

15th Finance Commission: A challenge and an opportunity

26. November 2017 - 22:09
The 15th Financial Commission comes about at a very interesting cusp in the evolution of the Indian economy, what with the GST economically unifying the country

Indians are killing history instead of nurturing it

26. November 2017 - 21:02
In order to create a new identity, we’ve destroyed the old, but we haven’t managed to create anything that future generations can be proud of

Getting real estate back on track

26. November 2017 - 20:12
What should the different stakeholders in the real estate sector do differently for sector to do well in the long term?

Hysteresis risk

26. November 2017 - 19:12
While it is almost certain that economic growth will bounce back in the September quarter, it remains to be seen whether the Indian economy has recovered from the twin shocks of GST and demonetisation

Building India one miracle at a time

26. November 2017 - 19:09
India has had a few modern ‘miracles’ of its own, from Operation Flood to the Delhi Metro, the IITs and IIMs, and Isro, among others

New insolvency rules will reduce flexibility

26. November 2017 - 19:09
Insolvency resolution is a commercial process and lenders should be allowed to take informed decisions

Eliminating the menace of insider trading

26. November 2017 - 19:09
Lack of trust in the market can affect investment and economic growth in the long run

China’s vision for the next 30 years

26. November 2017 - 19:09
The Communist Party of China’s goal is to transform China into a ‘fully developed and advanced nation’ by 2049, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic

Trade and industrial policy must converge

26. November 2017 - 19:09
The government should prioritize the design of industrial policies that benefit the country from integrating with global value chains

No point pursuing coal over renewables

26. November 2017 - 19:09
Investing in coal in the 2020s would lock India into the wrong technology for the foreseeable future

Opec has no idea what shale is up to, but never mind

26. November 2017 - 15:56
As Opec prepares to decide on 30 November whether to extend oil production cuts to the end of 2018, it has no idea how much competition to expect from US shale