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Updated: 35 min 25 sec ago

Rate hike: Well done

7. June 2018 - 6:14
RBI will have to prevent a liquidity squeeze, but it should do so without straying too far from its inflation-targeting mandate

Germ theory: Has it changed our behaviour?

7. June 2018 - 4:23
It is not easy to create new social norms. But it is definitely better than trying to make people believe in the invisible germs whose consequences happen far in the future

Why is leadership transition a challenge for NGOs?

7. June 2018 - 4:19
Funders need to support overhead costs to build strong, stable and scalable NGOs, NGO founders need to start planning their succession

Informal enterprises should be encouraged

7. June 2018 - 4:14
Productivity boosts in such enterprises that have supply linkages with large, organized enterprises increase the latter’s real output

Emmanuel Macron’s dream is out of reach

7. June 2018 - 4:10
The French president wants a more federalist Europe; however, the time for a much closer eurozone is not now

The plastic ban needs a management plan

7. June 2018 - 4:05
Eighteen states in India have banned the use of plastic, but implementation remains the missing key

Is the great FII sell-off a cause for concern?

7. June 2018 - 3:59
It is reasonable to assume that US interest rates and the cost of dollar funds will continue to move up in the foreseeable future

Move to increase rates affirmation of growth curve

6. June 2018 - 20:16
Even though RBI has raised rates for the first time in nearly four and a half years by 25 basis points (bps) to 6.25%, there are key positives that we can glean from this policy

Human rights, specific good and faith groups

6. June 2018 - 20:01
ICCR, Alliance members have investments in businesses that are not always kosher

The rise of Hindi movie genre on Indian television

6. June 2018 - 19:20
While the average weekly viewership of Hindi movie genre in 2015 was 2.3 billion impressions, contributing 13.7% to total television viewership, in 2018, this has more than doubled to 4.9 billion impressions

RBI hasn’t kicked off a rate hike cycle as yet

6. June 2018 - 15:35
We may see yet another RBI rate hike—in October, or even in August—but the action and the timing of it will depend on the inflation trajectory

The unintended consequences of Europe’s GDPR

6. June 2018 - 6:41
It is perhaps too early to say whether GDPR will have a chilling effect on start-ups but given the complexity and additional cost that it demands, it is clear that the table stakes have just been raised

Those wonderful Chinese economists

6. June 2018 - 5:28
The story of the Chinese economic reformers is a good counter example of a group of economists playing a transformative role in their country. Their contributions need to be studied more widely

Has the Indian economy caught the Dutch disease?

6. June 2018 - 5:23
India is much more fortified than in 2013, but that masks an underlying deterioration of external imbalances likely induced by the positive windfall shock from lower oil prices

US is closing doors to world’s smartest people

6. June 2018 - 1:42
When the US embraces people of all races and ethnicities, it’s not just fair and just—it’s efficient

The crisis in agriculture cannot be trivialized

6. June 2018 - 1:15
The fall in real wages, disinflation in the prices of agricultural goods and rising input costs have led to a full-blown crisis in agriculture

Putting the spotlight back on governance practices in private equity

5. June 2018 - 19:54
Kroll’s 2018 report says one out of every four Indian firms surveyed was fraud-hit due to conflict of interest

Malmstrom’s trickle-down policy is skewed

5. June 2018 - 17:47
The Trump administration announced on 29 May that tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports would be imposed after 15 June on grounds that China continues to steal technologies and violates intellectual property rights