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Updated: 1 hour 54 min ago

National Health Protection Scheme will not help its intended beneficiaries

15. February 2018 - 0:15
National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) will bring no relief in managing the chronic diseases deprived populations are most susceptible to

Real-time data sharing among rural health workers can save lives

14. February 2018 - 20:32
The need of the hour is for administrators across the country to get our frontline workers (and their data) to talk to each other in real time

Why India’s Singapore ban is an own goal of sorts

14. February 2018 - 20:08
While it’s true that Singapore Exchange has garnered a high share in one product category involving Indian equities, India’s own equity derivatives turnover has also grown at a fast pace

Vodafone’s iconic tech campaign in 2017

14. February 2018 - 19:48
Vodafone’s latest campaign #FutureIsExciting has the now famous couple of Asha and Bala wowing large parts of the country doing fun stuff with the latest technology—from drones to IoT solutions

Crude correction

14. February 2018 - 19:39
The key issue is whether the decline global crude oil prices is because of lower demand or higher supply

What can CEOs learn from religion?

14. February 2018 - 19:36
The majority of so-called highly successful firms do not survive even a few decades; religion, with all its inadequacies, continues to survive after thousands of years

Restrictive rules to dampen deal activity in radio sector

14. February 2018 - 19:33
The answer varies depending on who you ask. While some radio operators admit to heightened deal activity, others say the momentum is slow

Misallocation of welfare schemes’ resources

14. February 2018 - 19:32
A universal basic income in place of many of the existing schemes is a powerful idea which must be debated

Why India is in the grip of superstitions

14. February 2018 - 19:23
If public figures live double lives full of belief in magic and the supernatural, then their actions will signal the same ambivalence

Rent control is crippling India’s richest city

14. February 2018 - 19:17
Mumbai is a poster child for all the harmful ways in which rent control affects the liveability of a city

PNB fraud turns up heat on India’s banking reforms

14. February 2018 - 15:17
The PNB fraud of Rs11,363 crore represents more than twice what India promised to Punjab National Bank as part of a wider Rs2.11 trillion bank recapitalisation plan

Reducing the home bias in equity investments

14. February 2018 - 12:13
A broad global recovery and the introduction of LTCG tax improves the case for international diversification

Mark Zuckerberg’s start small, dream big Indian payments bet

14. February 2018 - 5:25
Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is bringing a much-awaited payments feature to the country’s 250 million WhatsApp users

Enough lies: India’s banks get an ultimatum on bad loans

14. February 2018 - 4:13
Lenders will now have a much cleaner—and stricter—system for dealing with distressed large borrowers. If they still try to hide bad loans, the RBI will whack them

Can the Congress stage a comeback in 2019 elections?

14. February 2018 - 1:38
If Congress manages to restrict BJP to a number (200 or less) where the latter can’t form a government or can form a government only with a different prime minister, Rahul Gandhi would have something to celebrate

Mr Bond makes his voice heard

13. February 2018 - 23:51
It is perhaps too ambitious to say that the bond market actually managed to push back against the might of the Indian government, but there is no doubt that it made its voice heard

Improving tax compliance in India

13. February 2018 - 23:49
Behavioural science suggests that a number of options using social norms and nudges are available to the government

Budget 2018’s pivot to agriculture: What will it cost?

13. February 2018 - 23:48
A deficiency payments form of price support improves on procurement but is expensive and wasteful

The Singh brothers are the reason the 1% cops the blame

13. February 2018 - 22:56
The Singh brothers’ handling of Ranbaxy, Fortis and Religare is enough to give the 1% a bad name. They inherited a fortune and turned it into a failure. The fault lies with them, not their inheritance

WTO: anti-multilateral attacks and mini-trade ministerial in Delhi

13. February 2018 - 19:51
India’s decision to host an informal ministerial meeting of around 40 countries in New Delhi seems like an audacious move