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Updated: 6 hours 53 min ago

Can blockchain solve land record problems?

11. April 2018 - 19:41
While blockchain could ensure the integrity and indisputability of future changes, it cannot resolve the differences that exist today

Moving from examinations to education

11. April 2018 - 19:41
High-stakes examinations that can make or break the lives of our young, in a few hours, are a disease. We have to cure India of it.

RBI’s cryptocurrency clampdown is excessive

11. April 2018 - 19:40
While the policy will dampen the rate of adoption, it is possible that cryptocurrencies may continue to be attractive, with demand being met at over-the-counter markets instead of exchanges

Somebody should send Axis Bank’s board a thank-you note

11. April 2018 - 10:43
Axis Bank’s board deserves a vote of thanks for helping to create possibly the biggest and juiciest takeover target in the history of Indian banking

Air India privatization faces turbulent weather

11. April 2018 - 4:45
IndiGo’s example shows that it is far cheaper to start a new airline and grow it successfully than to take on an ailing dinosaur like Air India and nurse it back to health

RBI enters the exciting new world of Big Data analytics

11. April 2018 - 3:15
There is an urgent need to overhaul India’s creaking statistical system that was once one of the best in the world. RBI’s upcoming Big Data analytics division can be seen as a step in that direction

Good governance will have to wait till board independence is more than a label

10. April 2018 - 23:46
The Videocon loan case at ICICI Bank involving its CEO Chanda Kochhar raise the issue of conflict and its resolution, sufficiency of probe by the board

US-triggered trade war pushes Europe towards China

10. April 2018 - 22:59
Donald Trump risks fast consuming the great reserves of trust and soft power which the US has built towards Europe

Tech sector needs a dose of humility

10. April 2018 - 22:57
For those in the technology industry, it’s time to stop perpetuating the myth of technology’s benevolence

A global outlook on virtual currencies

10. April 2018 - 22:56
From various public announcements, some broad themes emerge on how other central banks have dealt with virtual currencies

The risks from the unending banking mess

10. April 2018 - 22:47
The harsh fact is that no country with a broken banking system can hope to grow rapidly

A new direction for data privacy in healthcare

10. April 2018 - 22:43
DISHA seems to ignore the fact that there are circumstances under which the health service sought to be availed is dependent on the collection of health data

Business, public health make for a perfect marriage

10. April 2018 - 22:26
Five common, interlinked business concepts are relevant in public health: scale mindset, strategic focus, front-line capability, proximity to consumers and start-up mentality

Of Donald Trump and the North-South trade divide

10. April 2018 - 21:55
The Trumpian trade games is a defining moment for China and other southern nations, including India, whether they can safeguard their special and differential flexibilities in global trade

The ultimate money question we need to ask

10. April 2018 - 13:55
Focus so hard on the future that your today is a grim treadmill of the relentless search for more

Dams, development and denial

10. April 2018 - 10:43
Big irrigation projects aren’t the hard knocks, badly conceived ones are

When aiming at Russia, don’t hit allies like India

10. April 2018 - 5:58
Any public threat of sanctions will severely damage the growing US-India strategic partnership

BJP’s economic blueprint for 2019 Lok Sabha elections

10. April 2018 - 5:02
A look at the BJP report card a year before 2019 Lok Sabha elections and how it plans to improve perceptions

Regional frictions

10. April 2018 - 1:44
It is a given that a complex country like India needs robust federalism, but the idea that states can manage on their own is a dangerous leap of faith

The dark fringe of online crowdsourcing

9. April 2018 - 23:07
Is it possible that there is something desperately wrong at the other end with how market power over the crowdsourcing model is being used online for a range of services, from content to retail to rides?