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Opinion | Can brands in India ‘Just do it’ like Nike did in US?

4. October 2018 - 19:56
57% of buyers will buy or boycott a brand because of its stand on a social or political issue

Opinion | Structural defects in the financial system and real economy

4. October 2018 - 19:12
Posting higher tariffs on imports will do nothing at all save perhaps afford some transient fiscal relief ; for the economy to soar, the structural constraints must be recognized and removed

Opinion | The backlash against China is growing

4. October 2018 - 19:08
Mahathir Mahathir’s warnings against ‘a new version of colonialism’ stood out for their boldness, they reflect a broader pushback against China’s mercantilist trade, investment, and lending practices

Opinion | Data privacy can aid innovation

4. October 2018 - 18:54
It plays a market-building function by creating trust among market participants, thereby increasing participation in the digital economy

Opinion | Testing times for Indian policymakers

4. October 2018 - 18:36
As the country heads into a long spell of elections, the government will be under constant pressure to reduce taxes on petroleum products

IL&FS crisis: India should have learned from Walter Bagehot

4. October 2018 - 10:22
Shadow banks in India have amassed large balance sheets, pumping out 30 percent of all the new credit in the economy over the past three years, according to Nomura Research.

Opinion | Ever met a couple who doesn’t fight?

4. October 2018 - 9:04
Whatever your fighting strategy and your preferred way to fix the feud, it’s time to embrace this universal truth and not take your arguments so seriously

Opinion | J.K. Rowling’s snake that ate its own tail

4. October 2018 - 8:47
Unfortunately for recently grown-up ‘Harry Potter’ fans, there has been trouble in paradise, which has taken a serpentine form

Opinion | A few filthy cartoons

4. October 2018 - 8:30
With The Simpsons’ 30th season, a pick of the animated shows not meant for kids

Why market view changed for financials

4. October 2018 - 5:45
The last few weeks have left the NBFC growth story in India badly shaken

What can be done about the credit rating problem

4. October 2018 - 4:59
Despite the number of suggestions that came to fix the rating agencies problem after the global financial crisis, the sad truth is that nothing much has changed

Rebel Muivah’s ill health and the Naga peace process

3. October 2018 - 18:46
A great part of peace talks is, for all practical purposes, about insuring rebel leadership

Opinion | Millennial, urban consumers drive fresh food firms

3. October 2018 - 18:20
In food market, the consumer is looking for freshness, range and convenience

Opinion | When a woman points a finger at the powerful man

3. October 2018 - 17:34
Instead of listening to the women and trying to understand their pain, many of their critics have tried to see something deeper, weaving a conspiracy theory

Opinion | Second Brexit referendum: a double-edged sword?

3. October 2018 - 17:31
Both sides, Leavers and Remainers, feel betrayed. Even though Brexit was meant to restore its sovereignty, Parliament has no real say in a process that will mark Britain for decades to come

Opinion | Blended finance for meeting the SDGs

3. October 2018 - 17:18
The larger goal of blending is a noble one and it is time that a common understanding is achieved among the blenders of capital so that both sides know what to expect

Opinion | The RBI’s monetary policy dilemma

3. October 2018 - 17:03
The wholesale price index inflation numbers point toward continued input cost pressures

Opinion | Indian agriculture’s problem of scale

3. October 2018 - 16:56
Loan waivers and electricity subsidies are band-aids at best; a deeper transformation is needed

Opinion | In Zuckerberg’s world, we are all prisoners

3. October 2018 - 6:21
It has been business as usual for the firm after the Cambridge Analytica case

Opinion | District collector: superman or stopgap solution?

2. October 2018 - 18:32
District collector chaired committees are nothing more than patchwork quilts to cover up fundamental administration problems