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Updated: 3 hours 47 min ago

Structure versus strategy: The struggle at IT services firms

18. May 2017 - 21:14
IT services firms are seeing huge pressures on margins; unless their structure adapts to new strategies, efforts to build new revenue streams may not succeed

Political risks

18. May 2017 - 20:37
The markets crash on Thursday is a reminder that one of the biggest risks to the global economy comes from the unpredictability of US politics

Tencent gets engaged as China’s online romance peaks

18. May 2017 - 11:44
Tencent’s first quarter was dominated by its games, while developments in new areas such as video look positive as users increasingly connect via mobile devices

‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’: An ode to mixed tapes, love, Calcutta, and badly written cinema

18. May 2017 - 9:07
The premise of Meri Pyaari Bindu has much to laud and romanticize over

Google’s voice-activated helpers need more assistance

18. May 2017 - 7:54
Google’s ubiquity in people’s lives hasn’t been much of a help in the battlefield for the emerging technology of voice-activated intelligent assistants

Amazon’s long shadow falls on the pharmacy business

18. May 2017 - 5:09
With prescription-drug spending growing every year and high-deductible plans on the rise, the industry is ripe for large, low-cost options

The puzzle of India’s sovereign ratings

18. May 2017 - 1:09
The argument that high debt-to-GDP ratio is the reason for not upgrading India, is fundamentally flawed

Indian healthcare’s innovation imperative

18. May 2017 - 1:04
Technological innovation while keeping socio-economic realities in mind will allow India to better create and deliver healthcare solutions

Taking eurozone growth seriously

18. May 2017 - 1:02
Most eurozone members’ fiscal positions have undergone considerable, though often unnoticed, improvement in recent years

Can China afford its Belt and Road?

18. May 2017 - 1:00
China claims nearly $900 billion worth of deals are already under way, with estimates of future spending ranging from $4 trillion to $8 trillion

Every democracy needs a little disloyalty

18. May 2017 - 0:55
Game Theory examines the incentives of the ruling party to carry out electoral fraud—that of stealing of votes from the principal opposition party

A tricky path to India’s solar-powered future

18. May 2017 - 0:46
The falling solar power tariffs should be welcomed—but it remains to be seen whether producers can deliver at those rates on a sustainable basis

Managers matter

18. May 2017 - 0:42
Do the fat cats in management actually make a difference in how well a company does?

Rural consumers are not urban’s poorer cousins

17. May 2017 - 21:38
Rural consumer is more empowered than you thought and has more money than you thought

Managing India’s electronic waste

17. May 2017 - 21:21
One of the important aspects of successful e-waste management in India is the ability of regulations to integrate the informal sector into the formal waste processing industry

Indian Maoists and the foreign connection

17. May 2017 - 20:34
India’s Maoism is probably the only China product entirely made in India

Misbah-ul-Haq, Younis Khan retirement leaves a void in Pakistan Cricket

17. May 2017 - 15:04
An era comes to an end for Pakistan cricket with the retirement of Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan

Taxation of gains on development agreements a grey area

17. May 2017 - 13:43
The property would be valued on the basis of the stamp duty valuation in the year of completion of the development.

China will have to tighten its belt

17. May 2017 - 9:18
Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road initiative may be better thought of as a ‘philosophy’ rather than a fixed commitment

Twitter: An unlikely culprit for the death of volatility?

17. May 2017 - 5:30
The argument that it’s getting harder to differentiate signal from noise as information flows ever faster and from more diverse sources probably isn’t the whole story