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Updated: 10 hours 18 min ago

Narendra Modi assassination plot: Truth needs to triumph

14. June 2018 - 6:24
Truth, not truth as farce, needs to triumph on judgement day

The contrasting game theories of Gandhi and Jinnah

14. June 2018 - 6:05
Gandhi’s proclivity for infusing religion into politics was a brahmastra, a weapon that, in less scrupulous hands, has turned into a thorn in our flesh

The Centre’s approach to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code has costs

14. June 2018 - 5:59
The Banking Regulation (Amendment) Act, 2017 undercuts the credibility of institutions and the predictability of the law

Italy’s conundrum: The populists’ euro

14. June 2018 - 5:54
Keeping a populist government and euro together in Italy would require labour reforms and international competitiveness

Singapore: The middleman of global diplomacy

14. June 2018 - 5:46
Singapore aimed to be, and succeeded in becoming, the critical middleman—the one who adds value while extracting some value from the transaction for its own prosperity

Foreign policy from the prism of currency

14. June 2018 - 5:40
China has chosen the right time to step up its efforts to make the yuan a global currency

Kim Jong Un shows what nuclear weapons are capable of

14. June 2018 - 5:30
Donald Trump had to give up his ‘maximum pressure’ campaign and America’s military exercises with South Korea in return for a vague promise of denuclearization

Are young Indians going from TV to online content?

13. June 2018 - 17:47
TV demands a particular time schedule, which young people find difficult to adhere to

World Cup, a classroom for business leaders

13. June 2018 - 7:45
Over the 20 editions of the Fifa World Cup, there have been teams that have flattered to deceive with one flashy win or one great performance, but on the road to the pinnacle, only consistency counts

Can states meet Centre’s village electrification targets?

13. June 2018 - 6:53
Policies on electrification need to account for the current financial state of discoms and carefully plan for the sustainable expansion of the distribution grid

Do the math and sell your property if it’s a non-performing asset

13. June 2018 - 4:37
There is a personal comfort in having a real estate investment but the financial math just does not add up. I’d sell right away and get into mutual funds

Elon Musk wants to colonise Mars but Earth needs to write its constitution first

12. June 2018 - 18:38
While it seems hardly likely that SpaceX’s Elon Musk will actually proclaim himself the god-emperor of Mars, the world should redraw the regulatory framework of space exploration to incorporate private companies

Barack Obama and Donald Trump lost the South China Sea

12. June 2018 - 18:22
When it comes to constraining China’s expansionism, US President Donald Trump seems just as clueless as his predecessor Barack Obama

Why economists must learn to communicate better

12. June 2018 - 18:15
Economic logic on global trade or unemployment can never match up to Donald Trump’s ‘piggy bank’ or Barack Obama ‘my job just got bangalored’ metaphors

Looking beyond tactical protectionism

12. June 2018 - 17:54
Technological self-reliance in India has to be earned through internal reforms and not through protectionist attacks on foreign companies

The government needs to handle public sector banks with care

12. June 2018 - 17:25
Even though the government has entered its last year in office, it still has time to initiate broad banking reforms and give a fresh direction to PSU banks

Switching the donor-grantee relationship

12. June 2018 - 16:19
NGOs must engage with the community to identify their problems and generate ideas

The final nail in the G7 coffin

12. June 2018 - 9:11
Authoritarian forms of capitalism may emerge; fascism could see a resurgence too

Opinion | Infosys: The dream company for many generations

12. June 2018 - 8:14
Infosys redefined governance standards in India and created a new form of capitalism based on a good value system, sharing of wealth with all constituents—with clear separation of private interest and public wealth

How the Air India disinvestment should be carried out

12. June 2018 - 7:22
Air India should be reorganized into smaller entities, restructuring and building these entities will ensure maximum value during sale