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Updated: 2 hours 34 min ago

How Abdul Basit can help Pakistan make sense of Modi’s India

22. March 2017 - 14:01
Abdul Basit’s spell in Delhi has coincided neatly with that of the Modi administration, so he has watched Narendra Modi more closely than any other Pakistani official

Here’s why your health insurance claims may get rejected

22. March 2017 - 11:31
Health insurance claims are rejected usually because of the most common exclusions in your policy.

Finally, a cooking show that gets Indian food right

22. March 2017 - 10:21
‘Spirited Traveller’ on ‘Fox Life’ celebrates the great Indian culinary tradition by celebrity chef Kiran Jethwa, a third-generation Kenyan of Indian origin

The only thing you need to know about parenting

22. March 2017 - 9:22
Stop reading parenting how-to manuals and instead take your child out to the park and spend some quality time with her

Balancing speed and perfection in building a world-class school of economics

22. March 2017 - 8:00
Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah’s backing for establishing a school of economics in Bengaluru is a welcome move

Apple’s bullish hopes for iPad run into harsh reality

22. March 2017 - 3:58
The iPad’s interregnum isn’t a sign of weakness but rather a recognition of reality for Apple , which has maintained for far too long that the iPad is a growth business

Narendra Modi may be getting too powerful for his own good

22. March 2017 - 3:43
If the opposition to Narendra Modi doesn’t come from outside, and from the left, it will come from inside, and to his right

The algebra of Uttar Pradesh election results

21. March 2017 - 21:13
While detailed data on voting pattern will take time to trickle in, some interesting numbers are emerging on BJP’s election victory in Uttar Pradesh

Limerick: On Ganga and Yamuna

21. March 2017 - 20:36
Bibek Debroy’s Mint Metric on the Ganga and the Yamuna being recognized as having legal identities

Recipe for a smart village

21. March 2017 - 20:34
The government needs to think about creating 250,000 smart panchayats. Or it can start with a smaller target

Samsung’s smartphone problems in India

21. March 2017 - 20:16
Why is it that most CEOs at Indian companies are likely to be using an iPhone, and not a Samsung phone or any other Android device?

Insuring previvors

21. March 2017 - 19:50
Exponential doubling in genetics will force us to change the way we think about society

Caught between the dragon and the elephant

21. March 2017 - 19:41
India’s trade diplomats will need some deft footwork to manage two trade partners—China and the US

Income divergence: governance or development model?

21. March 2017 - 19:36
Within most of the large states, the economic gap between richer and poorer districts is widening, not narrowing

An unequal balance

21. March 2017 - 19:36
A text-book case on how not to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace would be the manner in which The Viral Fever dealt with an anonymous social media complaint

Rights of rivers

21. March 2017 - 19:23
Mint’s quick edit on Uttarakhand high court recognizing the Ganga and Yamuna rivers as living entities, a first such instance in India but has international parallels

China as a champion of free trade

21. March 2017 - 19:23
It is now China which has taken on the mantle of defending frictionless borders, not the US

Why India needs a new logistics network

21. March 2017 - 19:16
An integrated multi-modal approach is necessary for reaping the benefits of GST and Make In India

Excess information? Think fast, react slow

21. March 2017 - 12:13
The palpable sense of urgency created by information reaching too many people at the same time can be harmful

Politics wins out over economics for Narendra Modi

21. March 2017 - 11:33
Some observers of Indian politics are mortified that BJP that won the UP polls last week on a promise of delivering economic development and jobs now appears to be backtracking