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Updated: 1 hour 40 min ago

Moving towards an investment revival

19. February 2018 - 19:08
Many large economies have seen a strong revival in corporate investment over the past few months, and it would be unusual if Indian corporate investment did not pick up

The anatomy of the PNB fraud

19. February 2018 - 3:47
Clearly, the control system in Punjab National Bank, India’s second largest government-owned bank by assets, has gone to the dogs

Hierarchy of rights: citizens vs institutions

18. February 2018 - 20:21
The state, its myriad institutions and the corporate sector—both in private and state-owned spaces—have been provided a hierarchical status greater than citizens

Achieving profits while helping society

18. February 2018 - 20:21
The Impact Driven Enterprise Accreditation (IDEA) in Malaysia could potentially be an important step towards building a more inclusive economy

Building maritime capacity in South-East Asia

18. February 2018 - 20:21
What New Delhi has in South-East Asia is what Beijing has only in the past decade started doing and so far not yet accomplished in the Indian Ocean

India-Israel relations: the Arab perspective

18. February 2018 - 20:20
If India joins Arab-Israeli scientific and technological initiatives, it could assume a pivotal role in formulating a new future for the Middle East

What will fuel India’s electric vehicles?

18. February 2018 - 20:20
More than a manufacturing-centric EV policy, we need a set of ecosystem-level EV policies.

Pushing on the loan resolution pedal

18. February 2018 - 20:20
The revised framework for the resolution of stressed assets will redefine the way banks function in India

LTCG tax: how will the new provisions really work?

18. February 2018 - 20:19
There is a doubt whether the definitions in the normal capital gain computation sections would continue to apply for assets such as bonus shares, right shares, shares received on inheritance or as gift, and others

The problem with Reserve Bank’s dual role

18. February 2018 - 20:19
On one hand, RBI is the regulator of the banking system and on the other hand it is the merchant banker of the sizable g-sec issuance programme

Taking advantage of deep technologies

18. February 2018 - 20:18
We’d do well to remind ourselves that hackers are well networked and share information in their circles. This posits an uncomfortable question: In our world, are we doing enough to share best practices and for fostering a collaborative mindset?

The making of a heartless nation

18. February 2018 - 19:49
We don’t react to crimes against women in public places or come to the help of accident victims

Plugging the gap

18. February 2018 - 19:36
The likes of Nirav Modi and Harshad Mehta have used loopholes in interbank transactions to get money for short periods

The Rs11,400 crore swindle at PNB’s Brady House branch

18. February 2018 - 19:34
The swindle at PNB’s Brady House branch has revealed a systemic crisis in the financial system

As oil stocks drain, Opec searches for its next fig leaf

18. February 2018 - 15:25
Opec’s real problem is not whether to measure in days or in barrels, but whether it can ever adequately count inventories outside the developed countries of the OECD

Learn to communicate at all levels or perish

18. February 2018 - 11:04
Proficiency in a language doesn’t always determine how good a communicator you are

A beautiful moral dinosaur in the age of #MeToo

17. February 2018 - 4:10
‘Disgrace’, among the greatest novels in English, may not be as acclaimed if it were published today. What options are writers who want to explore uncomfortable subjects left with in our age?

Worried about Amazon, companies run into Google’s arms

16. February 2018 - 14:36
Run down the list of private sectors that spend the most on information technology—health care, banking, retail, insurance—and all of them worry Amazon is coming for them

When I didn’t interview Sourav Ganguly

16. February 2018 - 9:18
Has it ever been easy to pin down a ‘god’? Notes from the Kolkata Literary Meet 2018

A culinary memoir of horror and hope

16. February 2018 - 8:52
After three years under siege and near starvation, Tahani escaped on a bus to Damascus, where her mother waited with bowls of mloukhia (jute leaf stew) and okra stew