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Updated: 10 hours 17 min ago

Will Sandeep Bakhshi do a PruLife at ICICI Bank?

19. June 2018 - 12:59
The skill-set of an in-house turnarounder will come in handy as it is unlikely that Chanda Kochhar will be allowed to return to reclaim her place at ICICI Bank even if she gets a clean chit

Chanda Kochhar’s gone, and she won’t be missed

19. June 2018 - 8:22
New ICICI Bank COO Sandeep Bakhshi should feel no compulsion to play along with the fiction that he’s going to go back to being an obedient No. 2 once Chanda Kochhar returns

Finally, Chanda Kochhar did what she should have done earlier

19. June 2018 - 4:52
By delaying her leave inordinately, both Chanda Kochhar and ICICI Bank board pushed themselves into a corner and finally were left with no choice but to remind the world that they care for corporate governance

Understanding CCI’s role in the Flipkart Walmart deal

19. June 2018 - 3:58
Based on the precedent it has established in previous cases, the CCI is likely to give its approval for the Flipkart-Walmart deal

Europe’s cracks

19. June 2018 - 1:57
The days of European largesse towards refugees, led by Germany, are over.

Rural distress can’t get buried in growth story

19. June 2018 - 0:54
Despite claims of an economic recovery, rural wage growth of non-agricultural labourers continued to be in negative territory for the fourth month in a row

Don’t blame oil for India’s rising trade deficit

19. June 2018 - 0:32
Oil prices were much higher in fiscal year 2013-14, the year of the taper tantrum, but the trade deficit was lower then

Building capabilities in the Indo-Pacific region

19. June 2018 - 0:26
The Quad, while not being given a military dimension yet, will be the most important grouping in the Indo-Pacific

The new India-Pakistan Kashmir ceasefire, same as the old

19. June 2018 - 0:15
The swift resumption of border violence shows why it is important for the Indian government to infuse greater transparency and honesty into the discussion

Skill development of the Youth: Pay heed to the market

19. June 2018 - 0:09
Solutions must focus on understanding aspirations, industry requirements and standardization across the skill-development value chain

The threat of two American coasts to the world

19. June 2018 - 0:04
With respect to the downside of technology and finance, there has mostly been a conspiracy of silence on the part of relevant policymakers

It is time to bring bitcoin, ether under regulation

18. June 2018 - 22:24
There is no implied promise by a third party to increase the value of bitcoin and ether

Why the Kashmir ceasefire during Ramzan was doomed

18. June 2018 - 16:51
Whether it is the domestic process in Kashmir or the external strategy against Pakistan, the Narendra Modi government has relied on ad hoc measures

The world isn’t ready for the ‘Deep Fake’ revolution

18. June 2018 - 16:01
‘Deep Fake’ are videos made with the help of Artificial Intelligence that appear genuine but depict events or speech that never happened

Vikram Akula’s inside story of SKS Microfinance will remain untold

18. June 2018 - 8:44
‘Micro-Meltdown’, written by SKS Microfinance founder Vikram Akula, once the poster boy of Indian microfinance, is a gripping tale of what it takes to build a world-class financial institution and how to destroy it

The perils of being a saint in modern times

17. June 2018 - 21:49
Depression is the new epidemic in this fast-changing world and now spiritual leaders, who are treating these issues, are themselves falling victim to the condition

The G-7 is dead, long live the G-7?

17. June 2018 - 17:29
It is entirely possible that an entirely new G-7 comprising Australia, Brazil, Canada, European Union, India, Japan and South Korea could emerge

Nepal’s uncertain transition to federalism

17. June 2018 - 17:23
Federalism was never an agenda of most national-level political parties. It came about as a political compromise among parties

Countering China in the Indo-Pacific

17. June 2018 - 17:18
The time has come to proactively further cooperation between India, Japan, the US and Australia to ensure prosperity and stability in the region

Demonetisation failed to make India a ‘less cash’ society

17. June 2018 - 17:06
The ratio of currency in circulation as share of broad money is back at pre-demonetisation levels, according to Reserve Bank of India data