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Updated: 22 hours 57 min ago

The emerging blocs in the Afghan Great Game

15. October 2017 - 20:16
A bottom-up approach is required; this means reaching out to the Afghan social structure, where the genesis of terrorism lies

Japan’s and the world’s future with robots

15. October 2017 - 20:12
It may not be long before humans coexist with robots. So let’s take it positively and move forward

Donald Trump, uncertainty, and Iran’s economy

15. October 2017 - 20:10
Iran’s economic health continues to be inextricably linked to the domestic, regional and international political forces in play

Cybersecurity starts at the top

15. October 2017 - 20:04
The key to mitigating the threat posed by cybersecurity is to understand that it is also an urgent strategic issue that should be at the top of the agenda for every board and management team

Strengthening India’s corporate bond market

15. October 2017 - 19:57
India’s corporate bond market is still underdeveloped and therefore unable to meaningfully share the credit burden of the banking system

Make in India: the smartphone challenge

15. October 2017 - 19:51
The country has tripled the output of smartphones manufactured, but local value addition remains low

Government won’t resist pressure to spend

13. October 2017 - 7:00
There are already signs of this: In response to a public outcry about fuel prices, the govt cut taxes on petroleum—although fuel taxes had gone a long way towards paying for govt’s spending over the past few years

Why the economic slowdown, and how to fix it?

12. October 2017 - 23:18
The ministry of finance is caught in a deficit fetishism that seeks to limit the fiscal deficit to 3.5% of GDP

Japan’s cult of quality control is out of control

12. October 2017 - 20:35
Kobe Steel’s admission that it falsified quality certificates for metal products sold for cars, aircraft and trains has led to a familiar bout of soul-searching in Japan

Let’s make rural India smart, one app at a time

12. October 2017 - 20:29
With the government gung-ho about a Digital India and Smart India, here are a few apps that it can develop to bring in accountability, transparency, efficiency

CEOs must view cybersecurity holistically

12. October 2017 - 20:20
With the growing sophistication of the cyberworld and the rapid pace of cyberattacks, cybersecurity is more than a technology risk

Realty blues

12. October 2017 - 20:13
The idea of bringing real estate under the ambit of GST is logical, but the compliance costs and regulatory burden must be kept as low as possible

Tepid demand for latest iPhone a concern for Apple

12. October 2017 - 20:09
As per early data, the number of Apple’s mobile subscribers that had swapped out old smartphones for newer models fell by 900,000 from the third quarter of 2016

CPI (Maoist) faces fracture rather than oblivion

12. October 2017 - 20:09
If there is dissension over the chain of command when the old CPI (Maoist) leadership gives way to the new, it could do so as splintered entities, not as a rebel conglomerate

When buying shapes the narrative

12. October 2017 - 20:01
Our purchases whether intentional or impulsive say something about us

Election may fix Japan’s Toyota problem

12. October 2017 - 20:00
Even if Japan’s Shinzo Abe holds on to power in the 22 October snap election, the Yuriko Koike effect will force Tokyo to get serious about raising competitiveness

Moving towards a user data rights regime

12. October 2017 - 19:58
A system of user data rights will balance the reality of new technologies and increased data processing with the need to limit harms

GST job credits: a fiscal measure to incentivize job creation

12. October 2017 - 19:57
Attempts to correct the economic situation in the next few months only by spending more may end up creating an inflationary situation

The wrong approach to environmental regulation

12. October 2017 - 19:49
The elected government is in the best position to elicit scientific and economic inputs and take a call even if it involves expending political capital

The false inevitability of history

12. October 2017 - 19:46
Historical events, such as colonialism and later its fall, are inevitable only in hindsight