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Updated: 11 hours 27 min ago

Limitations of standardized tests

17. August 2017 - 1:03
Very little of the testing in our education system serves the student or her learnings

Power of emotions in organizational culture

17. August 2017 - 1:01
A recent Harvard Business Review article says the first step in building a strong emotional culture is to understand the existing emotions within the organization

Facing the music

16. August 2017 - 20:36
The spread of the internet and social media has benefited consumer-facing companies immensely but has also made them more vulnerable to public opinion and pressure

Is India becoming a multi-sport viewing nation?

16. August 2017 - 20:33
Is India becoming a country where people actually watch sports other than cricket? And, as a corollary, are sports other than cricket finding their feet in the country?

Glib justification and the Narmada project

16. August 2017 - 20:31
The Narmada project serves little purpose beyond glib justification, which has usually been enough at the altar of greater good

How to pick a good ETF

16. August 2017 - 13:13
When choosing an ETF, look at its expense ratio, tracking error and impact cost, and it should have sufficient liquidity

Universities can do more to curb hateful speech

16. August 2017 - 8:41
Although some private institutions may have internal rules that commit them to treating different viewpoints fairly, nothing in the First Amendment requires them to be neutral

Why bother even expecting Donald Trump to condemn Nazis?

16. August 2017 - 6:24
We all may want to live in a world in which the president of the US knows that white supremacy is, well, bad. But that is clearly not the world in which we live

Sri Lanka’s Hambantota gambit

15. August 2017 - 23:42
Sri Lanka’s pact with China for Hambanbota port may well be a case of strategic deception, and not just a political balancing act between India and China

The problem with the right to privacy

15. August 2017 - 23:38
We need a meaningful national dialogue on what personal privacy ought to mean in the Indian context before we move on the right to privacy

The NPA problem: Lessons from South Korea

15. August 2017 - 23:37
A national asset management agency of the kind South Korea and Malaysia have deployed in the past would be a pragmatic way of dealing with NPAs

A messy GST, and the road ahead

15. August 2017 - 23:34
The current structure of the goods and services tax (GST) is seriously flawed, the result of messy political bargaining

The tragedy of Partition of India, 70 years later

15. August 2017 - 23:26
Today, younger Indians are if anything more antagonistic toward Pakistan than those who lived through Partition of India

Big Data enters Indian policy

15. August 2017 - 23:16
Economists have now begun to use machine learning to extract information from satellite images

70 years of saving and investing in India

15. August 2017 - 23:00
From state control to markets—some good, some bad and some ugly

The impact of caste on economic mobility in India

15. August 2017 - 21:05
The caste networks will disappear when the market economy starts to function efficiently

The robots are taking our jobs

15. August 2017 - 19:53
A society that no longer needs to work will have to fundamentally change the way it’s wired

Healthcare confusion

15. August 2017 - 19:38
The Union health ministry’s plans to extend the National Health Mission to 2020 point to the confusion in India’s healthcare policy

Latest US trade actions may amount to unilateral, crowbar measures

15. August 2017 - 19:38
By resorting to threats and unilateral measures, the US is forcing countries to join hands against Washington’s desperate trade agenda

Evolving negotiation strategies in late stage PE investments

15. August 2017 - 19:37
Fund raising by late-stage firms has become sophisticated, with many founders opting to run a bid process, on the back of a proven track record of performance, ethics