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Updated: 7 hours 33 min ago

How corruption fuels climate change

26. March 2017 - 22:53
To sustain progress in the fight against climate change and corruption, environmental and anti-corruption movements will have to work together

Building a legal ecosystem for Aadhaar

26. March 2017 - 22:52
There is an untenable tension between the approaches of the executive and the judiciary to Aadhaar

China benefits from nuclear disorder

26. March 2017 - 22:51
China’s acts of commission and omission in enabling Pakistan and North Korea to build nuclear arsenals pose twin threats to the post-Cold War nuclear order

Why care about inequality?

26. March 2017 - 22:51
In the real world, accumulated inequalities of outcomes can, and do, become embedded in inequalities of opportunity and access

Bad loan resolution: It’s now or never

26. March 2017 - 22:48
We can have healthy banks but who will they lend to? Let’s treat the sick banks and sick industries simultaneously

Voters want stability and development

26. March 2017 - 20:17
The elections held between 2014 and 2017 have given indicators that could prove to be warning signals for the opposition

Well done RBI

26. March 2017 - 19:37
The RBI deserves credit for the way it managed such a large outflow of foreign exchange without unsettling the rupee

Transferring insurance of second-hand vehicles

26. March 2017 - 19:22
When you buy or sell a used car, make sure to transfer the insurance as well. Both buyer and seller can land in a soup is this is not done as soon as possible

Rights of rivers, hard to enforce

24. March 2017 - 11:21
The Uttarakhand high court granting Ganga and Yamuna legal rights is not the first such instance, but it certainly is extremely rare and puts the state on a pretty much uncharted course

Zinc is manna from heaven for Vedanta’s Anil Agarwal

24. March 2017 - 10:29
Hindustan Zinc, in which Anil Agarwal picked up a controlling stake 15 years ago from the Indian govt, announced a whopping $2.1 billion dividend on Thursday

The Thun Group’s artful dodge

24. March 2017 - 9:25
The Thun Group has spun a web of convoluted logic to distance the industry from potential human rights liabilities arising out of corporate and project financing

Governors in Indian states: A colonial imprint

24. March 2017 - 8:54
The Constitution is eerily silent on the manner of appointment of chief ministers by the governor when there is no clear majority by any of the contesting political parties

Investment banking in Asia no home run for Wall Street

24. March 2017 - 4:12
US financial institutions are replacing their EU counterparts positions in Asia, but their reign depends on how long fixed income, currencies and commodities business remains robust

Limerick: On anti-Romeo squads

23. March 2017 - 20:52
Bibek Debroy’s Mint Metric on Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath’s anti-Romeo squads

Parenting redefined

23. March 2017 - 20:32
Is it really possible to create champions by aggressive parenting?

Knowhow: the ignored factor of production

23. March 2017 - 20:08
Countries like Venezuela and South Africa failed to make their redistributive policies work is because they ignored the role knowhow plays in any successful enterprise

Making the case for India’s naval build-up

23. March 2017 - 20:02
Critics of the aircraft carrier fail to appreciate the political objectives that maritime power is meant to further

Seven at one brew

23. March 2017 - 19:57
Astronomers have found a star that has seven planets orbiting it, three of which are in the star’s “habitable zone”

Manpower shortage

23. March 2017 - 19:57
Large parts of the once famed steel frame of India, as India’s bureaucracy was described by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, seem to be entirely missing from the governance structure

The coming inflation trade-off

23. March 2017 - 19:50
A tight monetary policy may not bring down the sticky part of core inflation, and may end up reducing demand