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Updated: 10 hours 11 min ago

Waiver contagion

20. June 2017 - 22:08
There is a risk that after opting for farm loan waivers—a politically convenient solution—the political class will lose sight of the structural reforms badly needed in agriculture

Blockchain land records

20. June 2017 - 21:49
If we use blockchain to record land transfers, we can have an immutable history of every property transaction that can be viewed by everyone and tampered by no one

India ratifying ILO conventions on child labour a good step

20. June 2017 - 21:06
India’s ratification of ILO conventions is important for subjecting its performance on vital issues concerning child labour to global commitments

Clean energy can cement Indo-US ties

20. June 2017 - 20:32
India knows—and the Donald Trump team has emphasized—that a reliable energy system is one that has a diversity of energy sources, including coal

Countering China’s land grab

20. June 2017 - 20:29
India’s under-resourced Indo-Tibetan Border Police, under the command of the home ministry, is little more than a doorman

Charting the Indian banking sector’s future

20. June 2017 - 20:26
Recent bank consolidation debates often ignore the underlying challenges of India’s banking industry structure

India’s money illusion problem

20. June 2017 - 20:24
The recent drop in India’s inflation provides an excellent opportunity to think more clearly on the old problem of nominal versus real variables in an economy

Elon Musk’s Mars dream is worth rooting for

20. June 2017 - 20:21
Science fiction-like projects help maintain investor faith in Elon Musk’s commercial ventures, particularly in Tesla

Putting philanthropy to work in India

20. June 2017 - 20:18
Indian donors must carefully consider the design and impact of their philanthropic activities, and the latter’s intersection with development activities

How to save 30-40% of your income

20. June 2017 - 13:45
The fall in purchasing power is the reason that we worry about meeting our expenses when we retire

Jaguar will have to work hard for that second look

20. June 2017 - 10:32
With analysts reckoning that Jaguar land Rover accounts for 90% of Tata Motors’ fair-market value, it makes sense to unlock that worth by listing the carmaker outside India

Uber’s sins are the sharing economy’s cross to bear

20. June 2017 - 10:18
The cooperative model that new-era digital start-ups like Uber and Airbnb are using can not preclude rules of business

Elon Musk’s Mars dream is worth rooting for

20. June 2017 - 8:51
Elon Musk’s vision of a sustainable Mars colony is a city of 1 million people that would keep humanity alive if some catastrophe wiped out life on Earth

India is about to upend the global beef trade

20. June 2017 - 5:21
The beef ban will undoubtedly have major ramifications for India’s meat-processing trade, as 90% of buffalo purchased for slaughter comes from animal markets

The roots of rural distress

20. June 2017 - 4:57
Forgiving farm loans is no solution. The data shows there’s a far more fundamental problem—most agricultural households are unable to keep body and soul together.

Chris Cornell, grunge and leaving before it’s time

19. June 2017 - 22:41
Chris Cornell was grunge’s most nuanced singer—it would have been interesting to see what and how he sang at a ripe age

The oil question

19. June 2017 - 20:52
At what point will the glut and resultant decline in prices make the shale industry unattractive?

Demonetisation’s effect on income inequality

19. June 2017 - 20:43
The only way to offset the overall adverse impact on incomes of the poor, and thus increase in inequality, is through government transfers

Moving forward on defence and security

19. June 2017 - 20:26
Narendra Modi’s forthcoming visit to the US provides an opportunity to highlight the value of an India that is willing to play a greater burden-sharing role

Immigration continues to divide Britain

19. June 2017 - 20:12
Immigration is such a toxic issue that no party in the UK can speak the language of bargains and trade-offs