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Updated: 5 hours 38 min ago

India’s choice in the Maldives

7 hours 11 min ago
The Maldives emergency is a defining moment for India. Will it intervene militarily, or will it allow President Abdulla Yameen to continue to enable China to pursue its strategic objectives in the region?

Emerging fault lines in data protection

8 hours 29 min ago
Although Aadhaar is thought to be the world’s biggest biometric database, there is no data protection Act in India

The workplace of the future

22. February 2018 - 23:04
Will the future workplace be ruled by technology or changing demographics? Will we have to be more cognizant about the changes in work culture?

Why brands need to take a stand

22. February 2018 - 22:43
Technology has changed the way we think and even lead our lifestyles. It has redefined our shopping expectations

Setting the table by reharmonizing innovation, industrial and competition policy in India

22. February 2018 - 20:18
One hopes Indian policymakers will pay attention to intergenerational responsibilities and soon with alacrity recalibrate India’s position

A bloodbath in US Treasuries is the next worry for Asia

22. February 2018 - 19:52
It’s not clear what Donald Trump plans, but any leader who thought they had a rapport with the mercurial US leader—be it Shinzo Abe, Narendra Modi or Moon Jae-in—should brace for the worst

Inflation fears ahoy

22. February 2018 - 19:22
The bond market continues to be spooked by the prospect of inflation accelerating

Hiking customs duties was the wrong move

22. February 2018 - 19:09
Higher duties help domestic firms to compete against imports, but they raise the cost structure of the economy, and do nothing for exporters who suffer the same disadvantages, such as poor infrastructure

India’s soft power push: just following a fad?

22. February 2018 - 19:09
A democratic India’s approach to soft power projection should be very different from that of an authoritarian China

The social media threat to society and security

22. February 2018 - 14:20
Social media companies are actually inducing people to surrender their autonomy

Unilever’s problem with London goes way beyond Brexit

22. February 2018 - 14:19
For Britain, the loss of Unilever would be a heavy symbolic blow, especially if it came with an embarrassing swipe at Britain’s model of capitalism

Shame on you crazy diamond bankers. Punjab National Bank was no lone wolf

22. February 2018 - 9:36
It’s disingenuous to think that India’s biggest banking fraud was just one bent officer in a bumbling state-run lender enriching an uncle-nephew pair of greedy diamond merchants

Donald Trump Jr. may be too much for scandal-weary India

22. February 2018 - 7:38
Donald Trump Jr. and his ethics-free royal progress stand out even in today’s India; it may be completely out of step with tomorrow’s

How banking frauds can be nipped in the bud

22. February 2018 - 3:07
Banks need to focus more on frauds in order to maximize the chances of detecting them at an early stage

Is Nagaland elections overshadowing the peace process?

22. February 2018 - 0:23
Real peace is how a new future for Nagaland and the Naga people will arrive. For that—and for a change—politicians may need to fall in line

Brand Nirav Modi takes a beating

21. February 2018 - 22:19
The PNB fraud will certainly affect brand Nirav Modi in a big way. The aura he created around his name, the exclusivity, the myth, stand exposed

Wisdom of the crowd

21. February 2018 - 20:32
Interventions can be truly sustainable only if ownership vests with the natural owners—the community

Evolution and impact of digital permanent establishment concept

21. February 2018 - 20:25
International opinion on taxation of digital economy is divided and amendments to DTAAs or multilateral instruments to introduce the concept of digital permanent establishment is not coming anytime soon

Spirit of e-NAM

21. February 2018 - 19:20
The goal of doubling farmers’ income will remain elusive until the govt is willing to spend political capital to overcome the traders’ lobby and implement e-NAM in spirit, and not just form

Swachh Bharat’s waste management problem

21. February 2018 - 19:08
Indian cities generate a massive amount of waste that goes untreated; look to South Korea for lessons in how to handle this