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Updated: 10 hours 25 min ago

Core elements of effective advocacy: message, audience, method and data

20. June 2018 - 19:18
In public health, positive advocacy is at its best a virtuous thing that helps remove barriers to accessing health, spurs implementation of solutions and strengthens policy

Going beyond lateral entry in civil services

20. June 2018 - 18:56
The manner and philosophy of training bureaucrats remains a neglected dimension; lateral entry will not remedy this

Central bankers often rescue democracy

20. June 2018 - 18:42
As elected leaders waffled during the financial crisis, it would’ve been worse without the intervention by the world’s leading monetary authorities

People need commitment to work in the social sector

20. June 2018 - 18:00
People who identify with the purpose and work for it with deep commitment are ideal for social sector organizations. But the reality is that NGOs will end up recruiting many who are looking only for a job

Addressing the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code’s oversights and flaws

20. June 2018 - 17:54
The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code needs to evolve if it is to uphold the objectives of fairness, collective resolution and equality

The ICICI Bank board has failed in its job

20. June 2018 - 17:27
Corporate governance experts have to think about the depressing reality that even companies without dominant investor families do not do their job

BJP-PDP split: Kashmir could fracture more in this state

20. June 2018 - 16:24
For four years, the BJP and PDP danced an uneasy tangle ever since a fractured mandate in J&K elections brought together these allies of inconvenience

History shows us how to deal with news echo chambers

20. June 2018 - 12:09
We need a modern Warren-Brandeis thesis that will call out the impact that new technologies are going to have on our way of life and steer us down a radically new path

Payroll data raises serious questions

20. June 2018 - 12:05
It will become more meaningful and useful if its reporting format is extended to reconcile the stock and flow measures

Hardliners learn that democracy can pay off

20. June 2018 - 12:00
One-state regimes are liberalizing markets and growing faster, however, they still remain autocratic

Why Delhi’s air pollution problem never gets solved

20. June 2018 - 11:42
‘Who will do what needs to be done?’ This is the question which continues to be off the radar of the policymakers and the end result is for everyone to see: Delhi remains trapped in an air pollution crisis

Building India’s green finance ecosystem

20. June 2018 - 11:36
Demand for green financing continues to be high from international investors and it is in India’s interest to develop a strong green financing ecosystem

Big Data can rejuvenate India’s statistical system

20. June 2018 - 11:32
Indian policymakers can tap into Big Data to develop a better understanding of the state of economy

Dear Indian startups, it’s time to exit the bubble and grow up

20. June 2018 - 11:26
When does a startup stop being a startup? Is it when it reaches a certain number in terms of sales, when it hits profitability, when it offers its stock to the public or when its founders grow up?

Donald Trump’s trade war has wrecked the liberal order

19. June 2018 - 16:58
An unstoppable rogue elephant is running amok trampling on any rule, convention, treaty and order or framework that comes in its way regardless of the consequences

Will Sandeep Bakhshi do a PruLife at ICICI Bank?

19. June 2018 - 12:59
The skill-set of an in-house turnarounder will come in handy as it is unlikely that Chanda Kochhar will be allowed to return to reclaim her place at ICICI Bank even if she gets a clean chit

Chanda Kochhar’s gone, and she won’t be missed

19. June 2018 - 8:22
New ICICI Bank COO Sandeep Bakhshi should feel no compulsion to play along with the fiction that he’s going to go back to being an obedient No. 2 once Chanda Kochhar returns

Finally, Chanda Kochhar did what she should have done earlier

19. June 2018 - 4:52
By delaying her leave inordinately, both Chanda Kochhar and ICICI Bank board pushed themselves into a corner and finally were left with no choice but to remind the world that they care for corporate governance

Understanding CCI’s role in the Flipkart Walmart deal

19. June 2018 - 3:58
Based on the precedent it has established in previous cases, the CCI is likely to give its approval for the Flipkart-Walmart deal

Europe’s cracks

19. June 2018 - 1:57
The days of European largesse towards refugees, led by Germany, are over.