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Updated: 10 hours 48 min ago

A chilly monsoon, local lore and minestrone

17. August 2018 - 10:46
Winter comes early to Bangalore, slowing down evenings and giving us time to think of history and its culinary offspring

India’s forgotten magical history

17. August 2018 - 9:25
A new book revisits the influence of magicians, conjurers and tricksters on India’s social and political history

Opinion | Atal Bihari Vajpayee exuded unusual warmth, comfort

17. August 2018 - 7:08
Atal Bihari Vajpayee was not a saint, he was a politician, he was not going to walk away from it but, short of being a saint, he was everything, says Salman Khurshid

Mission Possible—Mature thoughts about growing older

17. August 2018 - 6:00
If you are financially independent, healthy and able to take care of yourself, you can reduce age to a number that works (mostly) in your favour

Johnny Cash: Remembering a legend with a new tribute album

17. August 2018 - 5:42
‘Johnny Cash: Forever Words’ a new tribute album is a set of 16 songs, with the lyrics dug out of handwritten manuscripts, notebooks and diaries left behind by Cash

The romance of small intimacies

17. August 2018 - 5:28
Small intimacies are safer than the big, demanding ones. Because they are barely visible to others, there is less need to guard them against envy, mockery and other accidental assaults

Courts, chaos and Rahman

17. August 2018 - 5:17
Iconic composer A.R. Rahman travels across India to meet four diverse and incredible musicians, while we look at a sitcom that needs a saviour

Opinion | Turkey flashes warning sign to Asia

16. August 2018 - 20:21
As Asia’s two representatives among the ‘Fragile Five’ emerging markets, there is every reason for Indian and Indonesia to wonder if investors will connect dots

Opinion | What the shrinking trend of urban households tells about us Indians

16. August 2018 - 19:59
The average urban Indian household has shrunk from 4.85 people to 4.44 since 2005

Opinion | The growth outlook and the investment potential of states

16. August 2018 - 19:33
Based on high frequency indicators, which are much sharper than the blunt annual estimates, virtually all official and private forecasts have projected that the economy will grow at over 7% during FY19

Opinion | We still don’t know whether Uber is a real business

16. August 2018 - 19:27
Uber’s cash has let it become ambitious, but it’s never been forced to live in a world where it has to operate solely with the cash it generates

Opinion | Why are our batsmen failing so badly

16. August 2018 - 19:21
The advent of T20 has imposed a uniformity in conditions across the world. But Test cricket still demands difficult adjustments from players

Opinion | Atal Bihari Vajpayee: A titan of Indian politics

16. August 2018 - 18:47
He moulded the modern Indian right and served as one of the country’s most consequential prime ministers

Opinion | Vajpayee, the poet who packed a punch

16. August 2018 - 17:01
Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s biggest success in foreign affairs was in bringing relations with the US back from the brink, says Dilip Sinha

Opinion | Vajpayee knew India had to join the global economic mainstream

16. August 2018 - 16:20
Atal Bihari Vajpayee had a clear national vision, says N.K. Singh

Amazon’s real rival in India isn’t Walmart, it’s Reliance

16. August 2018 - 9:36
If India’s draft e-commerce policy becomes a law, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio and Reliance Retail will emerge as the most formidable challenger to Jeff Bezos’s Amazon empire

Opinion | Can taxpayers expect fair appeal process?

16. August 2018 - 7:00
The agile consumer has compelled lenders to offer attractive rates, nil processing fees, instant approvals etc.

Why ‘Naagin’ continues to rule idiot box

16. August 2018 - 5:53
The first season of ‘Naagin’ was a mega success. It stayed on top of the charts for its entire season

Opinion | Singapore-India connect: Who has  upper hand in NSE, SGX negotiations

15. August 2018 - 20:20
Both exchanges have said they are discussing a potential collaboration in Gift City

Opinion | Positives of the UN treaty on biz and human rights

15. August 2018 - 18:21
The draft treaty on businesses and human rights gets fuzzier with due diligence