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News from ISO

Advancing women in standardization on International Women’s Day

7. March 2018 - 15:27
Social equality is just one of thousands of areas advanced by ISO International Standards and, today, on International Women’s Day, ISO pledges to advance it even further.

ISO 45001 – All you need to know

5. March 2018 - 17:27
Every day, thousands of lives are lost due to work accidents or fatal diseases linked to work activities. These are deaths that could and should have been prevented, and must be in the future. ISO 45001...

Let the migration begin

5. March 2018 - 17:27
Migrating from OHSAS 18001 to the new International Standard ISO 45001 may have its challenges, but with careful planning, checking and commitment, organizations, their employees and all stakeholders will...

Our world with ISO 45001

5. March 2018 - 17:27
Whether it’s a failure to protect workers against toxic chemicals, or a sleep-deprived employee getting into a fatal car accident, millions of people are hurt or killed at work each year. Now, with the...

Toward a healthier manufacturing industry

5. March 2018 - 17:27
Workplace health and safety hazards can be costly (to lives and the bottom line), but the good news is that they are largely preventable if the right precautions are taken. Here, EEF representative Mike...

Robots to the rescue!

1. March 2018 - 18:16
It won’t be long before robots become a normal part of our everyday lives. Soon, our mobile companions will provide everything from coaching to communication to companionship, keeping us independent as...

ISO/IEC 27000 – key International Standard for information security revised

1. March 2018 - 16:21
2018 may only have just begun, but it looks like a big year for information security. With questions being raised about the security of micro-processors, and major cyber security initiatives such as the...

Putting the logic into hydrological

28. February 2018 - 18:19
Global mobility, intensive farming and urban developments that have spread into once uninhabitable areas have made water access, use, and reuse, critical areas for International Standards. 

Growing old gracefully with a new ISO technical committee for ageing societies

28. February 2018 - 18:17
The world’s population is ageing, just like us. As we enter the era of “super-aged societies”1), governments, communities and businesses need to adapt. A new ISO technical committee has just been formed...

Managing a precious resource

28. February 2018 - 18:17
Why do we need to manage global water resources? According to environmental scientist Dr Debbie Chapman, our health and well-being depend on it – and the payback is tremendous. Here, Dr Chapman explains...

The troubling talk of toilets

28. February 2018 - 18:15
When we think about the most dire threats to our planet, poor sanitation rarely tops the list. Yet it’s a significant (and in some cases immediate) contributor to sickness and pollution in both rural and...

Partners for sustainable sanitation

15. February 2018 - 15:33
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is working to reinvent toilets and save the lives of 4.5 billion people who lack, or live without, safely managed sanitation solutions. In this interview, Doulaye Koné,...

The new ISO 31000 keeps risk management simple

15. February 2018 - 10:35
Damage to reputation or brand, cyber crime, political risk and terrorism are some of the risks that private and public organizations of all types and sizes around the world must face with increasing frequency....

Cruising to safety: Improving man overboard detection with new international guidelines

13. February 2018 - 9:37
Cruising never ceases to grow in popularity. Yet, what few like to consider is the small but real number of holidaymakers who fall overboard. New international guidelines from ISO aim to provide a boost...