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The Church of England Takes on Climate Change—and Generates a 17 Percent Return

4. August 2017 - 15:54
Source: Bloomberg - The low-key $10 billion fund that finances missions, cathedral costs and clergy pensions was instrumental in passing Exxon shareholder resolution.

Special Report: Villages Nature embodies Paris climate deal

4. August 2017 - 15:54
Source: Travel Weekly - A joint venture between Disney and Pierre & Vacances will set new standards in resort sustainability.

Storing clean energy in salt isn’t as crazy as it sounds

4. August 2017 - 15:54
Source: Grist - Using giant vats of molten salt and antifreeze under the codename “Malta,” Google’s parent company Alphabet is joining Tesla and smaller companies that are developing ways to store wind and solar power affordably to expand renewables and combat climate change

Ikea starts selling solar panels and home battery packs

4. August 2017 - 15:54
Source: Telegraph - Ikea is now selling solar power systems and home battery packs in the UK, claiming people who sign up to the system can save up to £560 a year.

Giant solar project tests Sahara-EU power export dream

4. August 2017 - 15:54
Source: Climate Home - Developer TuNur this week applied for authorisation to build a massive solar plant on the edge of the Tunisian Sahara, with undersea grid connections to Europe

India's renewable energy sector can create 300,000 new jobs by 2020

4. August 2017 - 15:54
Source: Business Standard - Over 300,000 Indians could find jobs in the wind and solar industry over the next five years if the country works towards its 2022 target of 160 GW.